Friday, April 25, 2008

another week gone by

Well, another week has gone by. Can you believe it? Time is just flying by day after day... It's amazing.Pretty soon Summer will be here and then fall, then Christmas and then before we know it, 2009 will be upon us. Where is it all going? I'm sure that I'm probably sleeping alot of it away. No matter what I seem to do, I'm still tired. No matter how much or how little I walk around the house sleepy.. Go figure. Oh well, could be worse, I could be in pain with all that.. Thankfully enough, I'm not.
I'm going to be going offline for awhile. I have been using my sister in law's computer and services for the past five or so months. When she moved in and stayed with her sister, she kept the cable, phone, internet on in her name as well as had been paying for it. But now the time has come that she has found a house for her and her family to move into. We are so thankful that she allowed us to have that. But now it's her time to enjoy the pleasures of it.
If anything it will give me some good time to enjoy a few more books, as well as fix up more parts of my home. B/c now that she is going into her new place, she will also take out some of her furniture, dishes and things that are in the sheds. This way we can get ALL of our things out of storage and have one less bill to pay a month. That will be a blessing in and of itself.
We are still waiting on the inheritance money that is from Mike's parent's. We are not sure as to what the hold up is. All their bills have been paid, and there is nothing that should be holding it up. But when you call or email the lawyer, no one is getting any answers and we don't know why. But in the mean time we just wait... and hope that it will be soon. Really soon...
Oh well, that is about it around here. I will try and get to the library here and there. With the price of gas now a days, that will be far and few between also. But I'll try and get there sometimes. Just to keep everyone up to date on what is new around here...
SO till then enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I got tagged, so now if you read this, then your tagged too.... Have fun!

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I Amfriendly and outgoing once you get to know me.
I Wantto be able to live and be comfortable
I Havea great son, step daughter and two beautiful twin granddaughters
I Wishthat we can get all our bills paid and done with
I Hateliars, thieves, and controllers
I Fearthat I may die before I see my kid have kids
I Hearthe tv next to me.. btw it\'s way too loud
I Searchthe internet for fun daily
I Wonderif we will ever be totally free of debt
I Regretmany things.. but hey what can you do now....
I Lovemy family very much
I Achealot of the times...all over
I Alwayslook on the bright side of everything first
I Usuallyam in a great mood
I Am Nota person of gossip and backstabbing
I Dancein my chair or in my car...
I Singevery chance I get.. I love it.
I Neverseem to get everything done that I want on a daily basis.
I Rarelygo to bed before two AM
I Cryalot lately
I Am Not Alwaysup, dressed and ready for a good day... instead I\'m in my jammies vegging out LOL
I Losealot of things. It\'s in my nature! Especially my mind
I'm Confusedalways.. That\'s part of my nature too... lol
I Needabout three of me to get done what I need to daily..
I Shouldconsider just getting over the idea of perfection LOL
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday last day of vacation... back to school....

WEll it's Sunday night.. Oh My more like Monday morning.. Jw is in the bed, of course, sleeping the night away.. We had cake tonight for him b/c John picked him up yesterday early afternoon and brought him to spend the day and night with him. So we celebrated tonight his birthday. Tomorrow when I get the pics. off of Melissa''s camara, I'll post them. MaryRose, Melissa's sister, made the cake for me.. She used red icing and put a red sock and the letter B on it for the Boston Red Socks.. It's almost melted into a smear by the time we got to eat it. The candles had the letters to spell out happy birthday. Just enough for the twelve candles and one for luck or as I was brought up, One to grow on... lol Not bad....
Oh well, like I said, He finally goes back to school tomorrow.. I won't hear from nine Am till sun down, all the bumping noises from the bikes going up and down and over the bike ramps.. It's amazing they never got bored of that.. I was so impressed. Even when Jw wasn't home, the kids would knock on the door and ask to use the ramps.. Funny huh????
I really didn't feel very well today. I woke all out of whack... So I missed church yet again today... I wasn't very happy at all. I even got a good amount of sleep last night. But I just rolled over and went back to sleep, until around ten thirty. I got up and ate a bowl of cereal. And that set me off for the rest of the day. My stomach killed me all day and I was in the bathroom for most of it... Unreal. I just hope that tomorrow will be better for that......
Well I finished Smart vs. Pretty. I put my review on how I felt about the book in the "my shelf" part. You can read it there if your interested... I wrote a bit as usual. But over all I enjoyed it. I've now started another called Honeymoon.. It's already got a few twists in it and I'm only like 60 or so pages in. I'm sure it will prove to be interesting. But again it's a James Patterson book. I love his books. It has some sexual nature to it, but it's not so explicit in it. That I can handle...Smart vs. Pretty, got me worried in the beginning b/c it had a really explicit peice in it that I nearly fell out of my bed on.. But I was told that was the only part like that.. SO I gave it the chance and finished it and it was worth the read...
Oh well, Now that I spent my whole entire day watching movies. Pretty Woman twice. I love Richard Gere. He is so handsome! I guess I better try and get some sleep. Hopefully I'll have a good day.
Good night everybody!!!
Oh oh and to let everyone know, Kyla is just about ready to crawl. She was up on her hands and knees today rocking.. It won't be long and she will be OFF! and Heaven help us all. B/c she hates to stay in one spot for too long. She gets very bored very easily. Kaylee on the other hand today. She had a rough day today. Not sure what was wrong with her. But very cranky and very miserable. Besides the fact that last night at two o'clock in the AM she wasn't happy b/c she wanted to wake for the day and being on a feeding tube till six thirty, she couldn't move. She was angry for almost two hours... Poor thing... It set her off for the hour entire day.....((Frowning))

Friday, April 18, 2008

what my Saturday brought....
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Today has been a very quite day. From not sleeping yesterday at all. I finally passed out at midnight last night. I slept all the way through till ten thirty this morning. I got up and ate a bowl of frosted mini wheats and a glass of OJ and ended up back in bed about an hour later and slept till five pm. Talking about making up for lost time. I guess you really can do it.. I'm hoping now that I can stay awake the rest of the night and be able to maintain tomorrow, so I can go to bed at a decent hour and be able to get up for church. You know for those of you who know Jean walin, I always thought, why does she miss so much church. HMM now I know. Between the pain of Fibromyalgia and then the Chronic Fatigue and what it takes for sleeping patterns, I now know, I miss just about as much as she does now... I don't know about her, but I hate it... I love going to church......
I have done everything to change my schedule around to getting to bed at a decent nightly hour and wake in the mornings. LOL yeh right, it last for only short stretches and then I'm bouncing all over the clock again. I HATE IT! But I'm told Welcome to the wonderful life of Fibromyalgia! This is your life... I can rid the pain with either meds. or my all natural Vemma.. Which by the way I love to death.. But the Chronic Fatigue factors, play with me all the time.... So Hey, I guess I can't win them all. I'd rather sleep at all hours of the day or night, then, be in so much pain that I can't move. That is sooooo rare now....... I love it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

weds.. biking no washing

Well instead of the bike wash but I did get some of him and a couple of his friends.. They all love the bike ramps.. They go up and down constantly all day long..Non stop! Not that you can actually see faces but Jw is in the third one. The other kid in the helmet is Adam. Great kid... Adn the other boy with out the helmet is Aaron from next door.. He was Jw's first friend here. Valerie and his mom are good friends. So she introduced Aaron to Jw. They all get along. But weird thing is that Jw can't figure how to play with all boys together. He picks his friends in small groups instead. But at least he has kids to play with and when one or two aren't around there are alot more to hang with...
Well, I better head off of here. I have to start dinner and get Jw ready for Karate. He misses enough. Can't push it... lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, I started my new book this week.. I'm now reading a book called "Smart vs. Pretty" by Valerie Fankel. This is totally a switch for me. I never even heard of this author. I've been switching off books with my sister in law, Valerie. Money has been tight around here, so I've not been able to buy new books. So as I read one I pass it along and vice versa with Valerie as well. That is how I got hooked on "Sisters" by Danielle Steele. I haven't read anything by her in a long while. The Plum Island book I got from Melissa. She got it while she was in the hospital with Kaylee. She said she got very bored with it and couldn't get into it. I found it very funny and entertaining and so did my sister in law, Val. So it goes to show differences of opinions.. But this book is another one that is supposedly funny and entertaining. And it states "a must read for anoyone who has a sister." So I'll let you know how it is, when I finish it...
This has been Spring Break for the kids from school. You know in one way I was dreading it. Jw would be home daily, bored out of his skull, nothing to do. Mom would of had to find things for free to keep him entertained. But you know what.. I've barely ever seen him.. He has been playing with the kids in the neigborhood from the time he walks out of the room, until well after the sun goes down. He ends up at a friend's house. Gets tv time, computer time, and even dinner time with them. It's amazing. Of course I had to meet the parents and get a run down on who they were and what they were all about... Very nice and considerate people. My sister in law was apsolutely correct. This is a great neighborhood and the people are fantastic around here. I have yet to meet anyone that we've not liked or trusted. How great is that? Now when I lived in Bristol and Newport, I could of begged to differ on alot of the people around there....
Saturday is coming really fast. And Jw is making sure no one forgets it. He wants to make sure we are all here to spend a family day with him. He is trying to switch his karate day with Friday, but still not sure if that will work. He has a hard time learning that the driver makes the times of going, not the kid.. I can see and understand it's his birthday, but what fun to go and get them to sing to him and give him b-day wacks with a paddle that is about six feet long. Its so funny!
Today I had about seven kids outside having a "bike wash". There were about ten bikes all lined up getting washed and polished. It was halarious! I was told that tomorrow they are opening their real business and charging.. I'm like OH BOY here we go... If they do it, I'll have to snap some pictures.. Jw told me that he made a dollar from washing the neighbors car and promised to do it every two months... LOL He is a trip.
I just think it's great to know that there are plenty of kids in the neighborhood to keep him busy and he won't be so bored. That's a blessing in and of itself.
Well better go. I have baby patrol. lol Poor Kaylee got her new tube. It's actually a mickey button. The stupid thing isn't working. It takes her meds ok. It just doesn't take the feeding machine with the formula at all. So she has to eat every three hours by bottle, until tomorrow morning when the clinic opens. So I told Melissa that I would take her for the first shift. I'm usually up then any way. It's only at 2:45. I usually don't fall asleep until well after four or so. So why not. Then Mary is taking the next shift (Melissa's sister) and then Melissa take the last shift to get her up and ready to take her to the Dr. to fix it... Poor baby.
While Melissa was on the phone with the dr. the thing popped right out of her belly. Melissa couldn't get it to go back in. So she calls me... Yep, Grammy got to torture her to get it back in. Grammy always seems to be the "bad guy".. Poor thing.. I hurt her giving her her shots, I hurt her now with pushing a button tube back in her belly before the muscles and such start closing up. Everyway Melissa tried to do it, the more kaylee would cry and push it back out. So every time she took a breathe, I would push in more. Thank heavens that the tube thing is only like two and half inches long or so. I can't imagine pusing any further then that. But we got it and gave her tylenol for the pressure and what ever pain we gave her. Poor baby..
Sometime's I wonder all those years as a CNA and what I dealt with was worth putting your own grandchildren through... (((Frowning)))

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today was a boring day.. I slept most of it away.. Story of my life lately. I find myself staying up all night and sleeping during the day. With the Chronic Fatigue and the Fibro, you never know when your going to sleep or not. So you have to go with the flow. Anyway, I finally got up and ate and then figured it's time to go shopping.. I HAVE GOT TO GET ANT TRAPS!!!! Dang things are getting everywhere. Today I went in the kitchen to get a drink and the whole counter was infested. There wasn't anything on the counter for them to be up there.. BUT they were! UGH! I have been fighting them off the floor where the dog/cat food has been. I have to daily dump the food and water and wash it down. I have been spraying the floor with bleach to clean it and putting the food back down again. I didn't want to do that often b/c that can't be good for the animals. LOL Imagine, ants liking dog/cat food... EWWW!
So I decided it has come to get the ant hotels (considering it's the safest way with animals) and stratigically place them around the house and get rid of them. I found at Stop and Shop Combat traps 50% off. So I grabbed what was left on the shelf.. I have a feeling I'll be using them. Stupid things...

I had to get more snacks for Jw and the house. I get so frustrated with the prices of food. Healthy fruits and such as so expensive and junk foods are really cheap. So I try to go medium and get something that is healthy/junk at the same time. (P.butter crackers, pretzels, cheese crackers, things like that) But, I'm not all that bad, I do twist along and get toll house cookies, ice cream sandwiches, choc. covered graham crackers, etc. Have to have chocolate somewhere.. They even had a sell on my flavored vitamin waters. $10 for 10. I snagged them. I don't drink soda or koolaids and such. If it's not water it's pink grapefruit juice or OJ or when none else, I'll do crystal lite.. But I love my Poland Spring waters as well as my vitamin waters. They are my fav's...

To top it all off. I was so frustrated. I figured I would use the self check out lane to speed up the process. The lines were fairly long. Who knew though that you have to leave the bottles upright or the belt will keep sending them back to you... It took three times for the clerk to finally tell me what I was doing wrong. Then The money machine part wouldn't take my fifty dollar bill. The people next in line were quite comical too. The man says to me, " That's ok, the thing won't take my monopoly money either..." I'm like oh really. Then it kept saying, "need to put change in first." I'm like umm I don't have any change. Just let me out of here. LOL
I tried to upload a video on photobucket to here. It was perfect. A man was stuffing his trench coat with odds and ends of groceries. Then he walks out the door and the machine flashes lights and the security guard stops him and says, "excuse me sir. But you forgot your receipt." Then the narrator says, " who needs check outs when you have computers like these" It was an IBM commercial. It was cool. I was like hmm I need one of them LOL......

Oh well, I guess that is it for the day today. I guess,I need to start preparing for church tomorrow and get my clothes ready, and read up on my lessons for tomorrow. I like doing that on Saturday and Sunday nights, I read on the Ensign articles and what ever else new they have posted. It helps to keep the Sabbath longer in this house.
Hope everyone had a good Saturday and a really good upcoming week.. Pray for us to get Mike's inheritance this week. We could really use it to pay off our past debts. Ever since Mike got really ill two years ago, we have been behind. With his eyes, he can't drive tractor trailer any longer and the jobs are just not paying. So we barely live for the present. So with this inheritance, it will catch us up and pay our rent for the next six months. So pray they don't post pone it, yet another month.... Thanks.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

still rummaging through pics and things

I've been putting up alot of old pictures from my albums and stuff. I'm going through things and clearing out on others. I came across this one and laughed. My hubby has quite the sense of humor. Funny thing is that this pic is eight years old. Besides a bit of age and a few pounds on, off, back on again, he really hasn't changed a whole lot..Can't imagine. Me on the other hand from below you can see I've changed a heck of alot. Can't wait, Can't wait for that warm weather to come. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the sixties. I think I might go weed the flower bed and get ready for the new flowers coming up. Next month I'm going to be putting in more flowers. Oh I can't wait....
There really hasn't been a whole heck of alot going on. I've been getting a whole bunch of geneology from my dad. I started putting some up on my facebook page. I can't wait to get my own computer to be able to start loading all of it in. Then when I get so much done, I'll get a flash drive and load it all up. It would work doing the flash drive now, but hey if I did that, I'd take longer to get that computer. No, really I think I would be nuts if I waited forever to have a computer. I go a week or so and I'm stir crazy. So I really need to get on the stick and get it. I've been looking online for a reasonable laptop. I've looked at different sites for ones that are on sale. I'll start looking again as soon as my hubby's inheritance comes in. Right now it's just depressing to see good sales and no funds to purchase it:-( But soon enough, it will be here.
Everyone is starting to get over being sick around here. Thank Goodness! Kaylee, poor thing came down with another ear infection. Not sure though, if it's another or the old one just never went away. But dr had to increase Mg's of meds. and try again. Poor kid, she is so miserable when the motrin runs out...
Kyla is learning that if she throws a huge temper tantrum, someone will come running.. It's so funny, Just right out of the blue she starts screaming, yelling and what not... It's halarious! I tell Melissa though, that she is only eight months old. Can you imagine at one or two... She is in for serious serious trouble....LOL
Jw got his report card. Finally his grades are starting to come up and the teacher is excited that he is starting to show major improvements.. The Vyvanse is really working for him. He is applying himself and not distracted and really learning the work. I'm so impressed. His father took him out for ice cream tonight to celebrate.. How cool was that???
Oh well, that is about it around here. Nothing else new going on. So until another day... Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

talk about blast from the past

Talk about blast from the past.. I was just emailed these pictures from a really good friend of mine. It was titled, " remember these"? Can you imagine, I was a skinny minnie and not so bad looking if I do say so myself.. The one in the velvet dress was just before I was pregnant with Jw or at least just before I found out... I was at my neighbors house and both our hubbies were on duty. We were having a ladies nite and playing dress up. Now being a Mormon all my life, I could never wear anything like this.. So it was fun at least for one night. Just think even if I was allowed to wear it, I felt so naked anyway. Go figure.. When you grow up one way, it's tough to take that out of the system.. For everyone knows that I wasn't active all my life and from my teenage years up until after I had Jw, I was a "free spirit" and did alot of what I wanted to...
That runs me into the next picutre. That was before I got married and was about twenty two or so. This was taken on Country nite at the Enlisted club... I used to go there to two step and line dance every Thursday night.. It was so much fun.
Boy I was quite pretty back then.. LOL With all the weight that I have gained in the last ten years or so, you'd never know that someone like that hides in there some where... Hopefully if I can reach my goals, I can be just about as skinny as I was once then..
But until then, life goes on. We have been ill at the house again. I guess, it's enevitable when Mike comes home with the flu, Kaylee gets an ear infection, Melissa gets some sort of virus and so did Kyla. I started with stomach issues and sore throat and Jw has been throwing up and stomach issues also. Can't hide from it, when it's so strong... I can't wait till the warm weather comes and we all can get better and enjoy the outside world. This is incredible.
The crocuses are sprouting now as well as the daffidels. Valerie tells me that the flower beds are full of other flowers as the spring goes on. Can't wait. I'm going to add more around the yard. I want some lilies and astrids and tulips, especially Astrids and lilies are my favorites..... Can't wait. My yard is going to be full of blooms. Depending on how successful I am with it all (this is my first time doing it on my own) I'll take pictures and show everyone ok....
Well I'm off. Don't have as much energy these past few days...