Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch with Charlie dad

I was initially suppose to take Charlie's wife out for her birthday,yesterday, Tuesday 26th,B/c Charlie was at his rondevoux in New Hampshire. Needless to say b/c of the weather and thunder storms, he chose to come home early and surprise his wife and take us both out. Seeing as my birthday was the 21st. So Kelly chose to go to Chili's for our meal. As you can see, I had a rack of ribs for my meal. I also had the fully stuffed mashed potatos and broccoli. I didn't get pics at the resteraunt, so I had to look for some online. That is all I could get. But you have the idea.. And Man, It was FANTASTIC! I ate the entire rack of ribs by myself. Charlie got the same exact thing and he could only eat half the rack. So, i brought it home for Mike to eat at work.. he even enjoyed them!
But now I'm caught up on everything that happened good in the last few days, I guess I will go back to my laundry and get it done. So it can be done before five AM.. LOL nothing like starting my housework at ten o'clock at night.. The life of a third shift wife... LOL I have taken my husbands shift and I don't even work.. Go figure...

Memorial day catch up

I am so far behind in my blog. I've been getting online later and later each night and getting caught up in all my other things that I get way too tired to come back and catch up in here. So I figured, I'm better off to come here first and then go to my other places.
Memorial day was a gorgeous day. We went to Mike's cousin's, Jane and Mike's. Most of the family was there. (Bates side, that's Mike's dad) It had a whole lot of food and activities for the kids and adults to play.. They had badmitten, soccor, horse shoes, volleyball, a swing for the little ones, etc. It was great! I never really heard from Jw until it was time to eat. He had one plate of food and back to the net to play more badmitten. He loved it! He even came back later and ate like three slices of pizza, while hanging at the net..
Mike and I hung out and chatted with Aunt Carol, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Pat, Uncle Howie and their son and family. Later on Debbie showed up with her family and we chatted with them too. Mike and Jane floated around talking to everyone, cleaning and setting up food and Mike did all the grill cooking. (as usual) You hardly ever see him really sit and enjoy the day on his butt. And when he is sitting, Jane will find something else for him to do. LOL She is funny!
We learned of a new pregnancy that day too. Mike's Cousin Stacy is approx. just over two months pregnant. There is also one that is due the first week of June.. She is the one in the blue tank as you can tell. lol Stacy is the girl in the brown outfit. You have a profile shot of her belly. At two months, she shows very well. Imagine that!!!!
Anyway, over all it was a great day. Just not long enough. We had to leave around six thirty to drive Jw back to his father's house. It's a school night you know. Wow its tough sometimes to bring him home. Others it's like UGH!!! you can't wait.. This weekend had been a toss up. He is growing up so much, and he starting to act like all the other teenagers out there. He is very mouthy and fresh. you just want to jack him right up! I'm sure I'm not the only mom that feels like that... But over all it was a great weekend...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike and Christina

Well, Mike and I had our joint birthdays again. His was the 18th and Mine was today the 21st. The cool decorated cake with Emma holding it was her favorite Uncle Michael and the blue and white one was for Mike and I from Melissa, Bruce, and the girls.. They both tasted very good... But shhh don't tell anyone, Emma's tasted much better. LOL
This weekend Mike and I will go out and celebrate our days together, like we do each year. I'm getting him some things for fishing and he is getting me a leather jacket. I'll take pics when we get them. Mine is mail order.
Other then that, there really hasn't been alot going on. Last weekend, Mike took Jw fishing for the day and going to five different spots, they didn't even get a small nibble. So, Mike said he will take him to Beach Pond this weekend and see if he can do better. It will be nice to be able to spend a weekend with my son celebrating something. Not only is it our birthdays, but it is also, Memorial day weekend and we are going to a family cook out. That will be nice. It's at Mike's cousin Jane's. And as you see from previous posts, we have such a great time there.. Can't wait!
So happy day to all. I had one.. LOL Mike woke me with "birthday spankings" LOL all b/c our good friend Kim asked if Mike got bday spankings for his.. LOL
Other then that, I cooked a shit dinner and the dishes are still in the sink. B/c I refuse to wash dishes on my bday.. Don't you agree????
I got alot of great birthday wishes from friends and church friends online. It was great.. My family that wished me happiness was Andrea and Rick, Jeanine, Kerri (Mike's cousin), Valerie (Mike's sister) Amazingly enough, My father didn't remember.. Go figure.. He is a man and he forgets things like that.. My step daughter says later on, Oh yeh, your cards are still upstairs.. Know what, it's the next day and the cards are STILL upstairs.. lol They have more to do and remember then "mom's" birthday.. Mike got breakfast in bed.. Mom gets a "oh yeh your cards are upstairs and you and dad share that cake." LOL I paid for that cake..(for Mike)
I told Mike tonight, through text, pretty good, at least he loves me... I got more response from him today then anyone. I had to get up and cook dinner(so I made sure I made a shit meal lol why not) and I refused to wash the dishes, so they sat there) and I get from Mel's boyfriend, it's your bday today.. Oh I didn't know. your so close to Mike's.. UMMM yeh, we spoke of it all the time.. And Mel said nothing...
I see it's ok to be appreciated when she needs things and a babysitter.. But other then that, I am just Dad's wife... Oh well, at least I know my true family and friends that love me... Thanks guys.. I really appreciated it...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life has been quite eventful, since the weekend. Mike spoiled me the entire weekend. I didn't have to cook for two days, nor do any dishes. It was "fantabulous"! Saturday night he took me to my favorite resteraunt, The Middle of Nowhere. This place is in Exeter right on Rt 3. Its my most favorite place to eat. It's such a great rated place that a couple of guys from one of the motorcycle papers wrote a big write up on how he came from New Hampshire to just check it out b/c he heard so much about it. Yes, alot of bikers, hunters, work men and family all go there for a great meal. They are open twenty four hours and are phenominal... Then, Sunday morning he woke me and took me to a local restraunt called Town Chef. This is a family favorite. Mike's parent's were faithful in going there every sunday morning for breakfast. Mike and his brother would go faithfully with them, occassionally you might have gotten Michelle to come with Emma. But it was rare. Then Sunday night he took me to a Chinese buffet for supper. This place (sorry don't remember the name) is in West Greenwich and has alot of seafood as well as oriental food. My favorite is the salmon, bbq spare ribs,roasted duck and asperagus.Then, for dessert I always get the banana pudding with nilla wafers and whip cream. with a scoop of icecream.. so yummy!!!! We took walks together around different places and took drives to favorite spots. It was fantastic!
Jw didn't come for the weekend. It's tradition that he and his step-mom, Whitney and the family go to the carnival. So I don't rain on his parade. I talk to him on the phone and find out how much fun they have. See We were raised in our life that there is no such thing as step and half's. So Jw has two moms and two dads. How special is that? And it makes it great that way, for now he also has a fabulous brother, Josh, who is in the military (air force) and a sister, Ari, who is his age. They are like regular siblings on a daily basis and then when it comes to trouble, they both stick up for the other. Can't go wrong with that.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Mother's day, like mine. HUGS and LOVE ME

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I didn't include the picture of JW. He came for the weekend. It was cool to be able to have him for the weekend. We went shopping for his new sneakers for his birthday. My baby is now a teenager, imagine that... As well as picking out Emma's present for her party... We had a great weekend. It just never lasts long enough.

The babies got groomed. Aren't they so cute! Haylee is a lover of attention. She sat there all patient and just ate it all up! Angel on the other hand is a bit more of a nervous Nelly and not as "in love" with the idea.. But she tolerates it...
These are the most recent of the girls.. The one with me on the stairs was at Emma's birthday party. The other two were shortly there after.. So cute!
While Emma's party was whinding the guys were outside fishing. The guy with the huge fish (estimated 20lbs) is my brother in law Dougie.
Afterward, Kaylee and I decided to go hang out on the swing, while Melissa fed her her dinner.. Yummy!
Lastly, that is a picture of the large mouth bass that Mike caught Saturday morning after he got out of work.. He was so proud of this catch, he had to take the picture of it.
I really haven't done alot for the past two days. I did go grocery shopping yesterday early evening and pay the phone bill. But that was all my body tolerated. I thought on the ride home, that someone took a hot iron poker and shoved it up my spine. That firey pain put me in bed for the evening and the whole entire day today. With the rain, it only made it feel worse. Ever since I've been off the Vemma and not on pain meds. I've been suffering with the moisture and rainy weather. Life is really sucky when it's raining.. And to think, most of the whole week is going to rain. Man am I in Trouble!!!! so not fair...