Sunday, June 21, 2009

our weekend

We had a great Weekend. Friday night we took off to Ct and decided to go and visit an old friend. We popped into Lynn Gabbert Labrie's for a surprise visit. We were the one's surprised b/c the only person that was home was Justine and her son Ethen. She invited us in to wait and graciously cooked us an awesome chirouco and pepper dinner. Around ten thirty at night Lynn, Walt and DJ came in. They had taken off to Foxboro Mass, to pick up a tent for their family camp out to Palmyra, NY. If you are Mormon, you know what's in Palmyra around this time each year. My mind is so blank and I can't think.. Maybe b/c it's one thirty in the morning and I'm starting to get tired. Sorry... Anyway, we visited with Lynn till around 11 and let them go to bed.
We headed back toward Groton to get a hotel for the night. Our whole reason for heading there. To escape for the night and be alone. We hadn't had an alone time by ourselves in two years. We were heading for the Econo Lodge in Groton. But they only had a room for smoking for $89.He said he would drop it to $79. I was like ummm, no is there another Econo Lodge around here. There was one in Mystic. So I had the clerk call Mystic, to see if there were an empty "NON" smoking room. Not only was there one, but he said he would give us a deal of their price ten percent off. Which brought it down to $76. So we won out an both parts. So we took off for Mystic. The cool part was it was right across the road from the entrance to Mystic Aquarium. Mike said if we had brought kyla, we could have brought her there. But as I reminded him, This was our weekend, not anyone else's. I'm not usually selfish. But We deserved it!
Mike was getting hungry again, so we went on an adventure in finding a place that was open to eat at. After riding around another forty mins. We determined that the only place was McD's. I got some chicken nuggets and a McFlurry.. And Mike got two Big Macs. Big mistake. he has been sick from it, ever since. Poor guy...
He spent the entire night off and on in the bathroom. He probably only had gotten like two to three hours sleep the entire night. So needless to say, we slept right through our free Continental breakfast. (that was 7-10) we didn't get up until ten fifteen. Check out was at eleven. We flew into the shower and flew around the room getting ourselves ready to get out on time. We made it with five mins. to spare. Depressing though, as you see from the picture of that tub, it was HUGE... I wanted to badly to crawl in that tub and soak and soak and soak. But being that we checked in so late and then searched everywhere for food and then by the time we got back, I just stripped and jumped into bed and past out. And then waking so late, no way, could I. Oh well, I dreamed of it. lol (why I say huge, is b/c we have what we call a half tub. It has the same width but only half the legnth. It was built for a midget I swear it was)
The other pictures we what we did all day Saturday. We decided to make it a Harley shop adventure day. We started in Groton at Mike's Famous Harley dealer. Which of course I never got a picture of it. So now we need to go back.. lol We did get Tshirts for our collection. Mike got the blue one with the Submarine on the back and I got the orange tank..
Then we headed for Columbia TSI Harley. And we had missed it. It had closed at three. We missed it by 30 mins. I wonder if we didn't stop for Dairy Queen, if we would of made it.. Besides the idea we kept missing how to get to it. So we called TSI in Ellington and learned that it closed at five. So we had just enough time to make a forty min. trip up. We got the directions and stop halfway for gas. And made it in just enough time for twenty mins of shopping. We grabbed Tshirts from there. The red tye dye T is mine. Mike got the cream colored one. It has a cool 1903 bike on it with a side car. Really cool.
The pic of the stone picture of the Harley is the Ellington TSI. That's the sign that doesn't have the town on it. Where the Columbia one did. Go figure, same owner.
Anway, after then, we took the long way home and traveled all the back roads we could toward Exeter, RI. We decided to end our great time together at our favorite restraunt, Middle of NoWhere. Which did end our fantastic time. Afterward, we came home crawled in bed and relaxed until we both fell asleep.
Needless to say, Mike still has the upsetness in his belly. I had to go to CVS and buy him more Immodium AD. I was so sore and my back was killing me, that we decided to just stay in the bed and sleep our morning away. So we didn't make it to church. Oh well. It was worth it.
But to top of a great day, Melissa got up this morning and made her dad and Bruce pancakes, for Dad's day. And she was awesome enough to make some for everyone. She even saved a few for me, when I finally crawled out of bed at one PM. LOL. and then at two thirty Jw called Mike and wished him a Happy Father's day. How sweet and no one told him to. he was riding his bike alone. How cool!
So our great weekend finally had to come to an end. And now, Monday must come and Mike must go back to work again. My poor baby. I just hope his belly is better.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mike's updates

Well, let's see, it's been a bit since last I wrote again. There really hasn't been alot going on. Considering when you don't have money and you can't afford to even put gas in your gas tank, you tend to just stick around the house and do nothing so you can afford to pay your current house bills. Good enough...
Took Mike to eye dr yesterday. He had his first series of eye surgery on his Left eye. The 29th he goes in for the Right eye. He has diabetic neuropothy in both eyes and Blood vessel leakage. We found out yesterday that the laser surgery will be done in a series of surgeries, increasing in streghth each time. That's one mile stone.
Today I took him to the physician to get a reading result of his blood work. He has a definant high glucose levels (we knew that) and his hemoglobins are very elevated. (Same) Dr. increased his meds by MG's as well as two to three times a day. He has to go back in two weeks and get another blood test and then if the glucose levels are not down far enough for Dr's liking then he will have to put him on insulin at dinner time.
Hopefully all this will work out and things will start to work itself out...
Jw came this past weekend. We moved his room from upstairs to downstairs and are thinning out his things.With Mike and I getting ready to go through things and getting rid of useless and non used stuff, for the move to Fla. I had to start with his since he doesn't live here full time. All he needs is a few items of clothes and what he actually uses when he is here. Besides this child has more crap then anyone I know. He is like his grandmother and save EVERYTHING... I thought I was bad.. They have me beat!!!!!
Next is getting in the basement and going through my non-used things and donate them to someone who will use them.. I'm done.. Hopefully by the end of our lease in Nov. we will be ready to head on down..If we can get Mike into better health and regulate his sugars and diet, it will be great and one step toward there.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

her personal blog addy

Sorry forgot to give you her personal blog page...
By the way.. That great looking guy standing on the other side of the pole from Shaleen is my brother Mike Bowlby.. he is the spitting image of my dad.. Goes to show what my dad looked like in his younger days. Funny too b/c Mike's son Alex is a spit out of him... See all us Bowlby's are great looking... And he has good taste in ladies too. If your reading this.. love you guys... HUGS

My sister in laws blog

you have got to check out my sister in laws blog.. She has this great buisness called Adhering words.. I have the link posted up the top right side of my page.. Have you ever checked it out. She does awesome give aways each month.. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Better yet, let her know what you think...
Here's a pic of some of her work..