Thursday, March 26, 2009

New pics for you

These pics are the new ones I got to get. The pic of the twins is on St.Patty's day, if you couldn't guess. Aren't they adorable. They got to go to Mike's sister's house (Michelle) and got to play with her daughter Emma. Some of you may remember when we lived there and I nannied for Emma. She is so grown up now and she isn't even three yet. It's amazing!
Emma is very tall for her age as well. Smart as a whip! For only going on three, she knows her ABC's, can count to 25, and most of her colors and shapes. That is what they are working on now. She is amazing! Anyway, She has an oreo stuck in her mouth, that is why it's shaped that way. The second one is her kissing her uncle Mike, except that I missed the kiss. She just adores her uncle Mike! The woman in the background, playing with her laptop is Michelle.

The next two pics I just took last night. I had gotten to go to the hairdresser and get my hair trimmed FINALLY! It's only been like six or seven months. Anyway, I was so excited about the cut, that I went and got new hair color to lighten my hair even more. Mike wants to see what I look like as a blonde. LOL I told him that I've been a golden blonde at one time and it was ok. But a blonde blonde is not for my complection. So we are working on steps to see how far I can go. Funny thing was, that I started with a Champayne, then I figured to get a dark blonde last night to go down a step... HA!!!! It's the same damn color! I was so excited b/c I got three bottles for $3.29 a peice. They were on sale from ten dollars. After I got all done and dried my hair and found that it was basically the same shade, I was ripped. So now I have to go back to the store and get a different one. I'm thinking of just going for the gusto and just buying the light golden blonde and see where it gets me... I have such a dark red pigment in my hair, that no other color wants to come out anymore! LOL Oh well, will see. What's the worse will happen, It will turn orange or something. OH better not jinx it...
Anyway, it's been a very trying week this week. I've been in and out of Fibro flare ups, like you wouldn't believe. Last Sunday was the worst of them all. I had leg tremors through out the day, could barely walk, Hand temors, could barely hold anything w/o dropping it, and the worst was the vision fading in and out of focus. It was insane! It has been like five or six years since I have suffered a flare up like that.... Amazing.. And now the chronic fatigue, has kicked my butt. All I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. But of course not the normal hours. Today I slept from seven Am till seven pm. Amazing huh? Twelve hours, off and on. It kills me... lol
Anyway, enough of me. I'm happy though, Jw is coming for the weekend. I'm lookng forward to him coming. I miss him so much. Sometimes I only get to see him one weekend a month. My poor child has come to the age, that his social life is more fun then a "sick" mom and wants to stay were the fun is.. His dad is working on his marriage now, so they have been spending alot of time at his step mom's house. He has been quite happy to be able to hang out with his step sister and his friends from there. He has missed them so. So I tend to get happy when he finally decides he misses me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another weekend gone by

Wow! I cannot believe that another week has gone right by. I haven't done much at all this past week, but, sleep, sleep and more sleep. UGH! I'm so tired of sleeping. My Fibromyalgia has flared up so much this week that I haven't done a whole lot at all. Weds. I went to help my friend in Fall River do laundry and vaccuum and sweep his place. The next day I got up and my IBS was out of whack. I learned down to get the bowl brush to clean the bowl and I pulled a muscle on the left side of my back. I spent two days in bed from that with a heating pad. Then Saturday I was doing ok but a bit off. (fibro thing) Then Sunday I got up and was really out of whack. I had leg tremors, hand tremors, My vision was out of sorts. It's was just weird. I haven't had feelings and actions like this in a number of years. Not since I drove school bus. That was one of the major reasons I had to quit. I couldn't function enough to drive anymore. And at least when I was in that sort, I knew not to drive at all, never mind barely walk.
I'm hopeing that this is a passing thing and I'm not starting back again. I'm going to call the Dr. this week and follow up with her over this. I don't EVER EVER want to go back to where I was before. So I have to beat the odds and see what I can do to conquer it.. I have way too many goals this summer to lose out on them again...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a great weekend

Wow! What a great weekend we had this week. Yesterday Mike got his bike out of storage and of course, since it was a fantastic day, we went riding. What a blast! We've missed it soooo much. Scary thought, it's been such awhile since we last rode that my bumm was sore and I was walking like I rode a horse for miles and miles. It was so funny. See Mike decided to put a "badlander" seat on his bike.. For those of you that don't know what that is. It's made just for the driver,nice and cushy and then the back side is sleek and thin, thin. When he put the order in for it, the guy looked at me and asked, "what did you do to Piss him off?" LOL Mike looks at him and laughs, "it's all about the looks, not comfort." So of course I ordered a nice cushy gel seat. Funny thing was that I didn't clip it tight enough to the frame and so it would slide on the seat... So on the way home, I decided to try it with out the pad... That's when I learned, I have to get the straps, just tight enough to hook and stay hooked and not slide....
Jw also came over this weekend and we had a decent time. He helped with the dogs in walking and caring. Yesterday we let him hang out at the house and play games and get on my computer.. He liked that... We went out to dinner for Chiniese and enjoyed the company.
Today, Sunday we went to Mike's cousin's house to celebrate her daughter's birthday. What a great day today was also. We enjoyed the family and laughed and chatted all day. It was awesome! Can't wait for summer, so we can start doing it again, each weekend.
Over all the whole weekend has left me utterly drained! I had to fight to stay awake driving Jw back to his dad. When he got out of the truck and I was driving back alone, I had to open the window and turn the radio up louder. But I figured, I better get my updates here before I go to sleep so I don't have too much to catch up on again....
Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we have... Love you guys!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Boring winters

Let's see there really isn't alot to catch up on today. As I have stated many times before whether it be in myspace, facebook or where ever, being winter we don't do a whole lot around here. Just take each day as they come along. Most of the time when five o'clock comes we all look at each other (Melissa, Bruce and I. Mike is the lucky one he doesn't cook) and go, "who's going to cook tonight?" Most of the time it's a toss up between Bruce and I. Having Bruce cook is a luxury when it comes to eating, but a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. He uses so many dishes and pots and pans and utensils. The stove and countertops are a mess and hard and sticky. But it's all worth it when you sink your teeth and tastebuds into what he had prepared. So you have to take the good with the bad and equal it out with him. So most times I do the kitchen cleaning in shifts, even the dishes... LOL
I finally took Miss Angel to the "spa" today. She was so relieved when I came and picked her up. She's greatful for the cleaning and trim, But hates the idea of being around other dogs and such.. She is such a loner. We are learning that with Haylee. It's been almost a week and Angel is just so mean to her. Haylee, being the hyper pup wants to play so badly and barks and wags her tail and sniff Angel and tries to play and Angel shows her teeth, growls and Lunges at her. I hope in time she will adjust and learn, "better get along with her, she is going to be here for awhile."
Haylee did go potty on the P pad today. ONCE!!!! and whom ever said, "if you control the times that you feed your dog, you can control their bowels"
Never met my Haylee. It doen't matter if she had eaten twenty mins before hand or four hours. This dogs goes all day long all over my kitchen... Forget the pad for that all together. She refuses to do that in the same place twice, no matter what you say or do... LOL STUBBORN
We got the phone call today that my registration for HOG was excepted and mailed out to Michigan for the rest of the registration. For those of you that ask, "what in the world is HOG?" Well, it's Harley Owners Group. I enrolled as a member last week. Mike has been a member for a year now. After I get approved for that, then I can enroll in the state harley group and Ladies of Harley (LOH) So much fun! Mike and I finally found something that we both love to do together. And get very depressed when the weather turns and we can't ride. I'm hoping that sometime this year I can get the money up for the registration to enroll in the class to get my license restriction to ride alone on the thing. I'm told it's even more fun then sitting behind your man. I don't know. I love the feeling of holding on to him and relaxing and enjoying the scenario and have no worries. When your the driver, you have to concentrate on the road, other drivers, the bike itself, etc etc etc. And your holding handle bars not a warm body.. HMM you be the judge...
Oh well, with the weekend here, Mike will have off and we can hang out and go places and visit friends and family. I love the weekends....
Oh well, that's about it for now. So till next time, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND YOURSELVES!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

catch up

I am sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote. I have been with out a computer for this time frame. Thanks to a great hubby I finally got my new laptop yesterday. I have been trying to catch up on all my facebook things and myspace and alot of pictures that I had sent to my email. So for the next few days I'll be uploading pictures on here so everyone can see what our life has been in the last almost a year.
Last November we moved to Coventry, RI. We are in alot bigger house, a duplex to be exact. It is a two story with three bedrooms upstairs and we made one for Mike and I downstairs, from the dual living rooms. Only downfall is that our washer and dryer is now in the living room. LOL oh well, guess it could be worse. We love our new home and the location that it is in. It's very quiet and very little traffic. Life couldn't be any better unless, we lived in the woods.
The sad news was that during Christmas vacation, Jw chose to move back in with his dad. So now we get to see him every other weekend and school vacations. But, he is really good at calling a couple times a week to let us know that he is thinking of us. That helps alot!
Kaylee and Kyla are growing by leaps and bounds. We just can't believe that they are almost 19 mos. old. Before we know it, they will be having their 2nd birthday. Kyla is very independent and loves hearing her own voice in all different octives. She is a talker by all means, loves to dance, and watch cartoons. She is so loving and totally enjoys coming in Grammy and Grampy's room to visit. Her most favorite thing is going in our pantry and getting all Grammy's washcloths and T towels and scattering them all over the kitchen. She loves to color and sometimes even eat the crayons. She is going to be a great mommy one day. She loves and takes very good care of all her babies too.
Kaylee is still a bit behind from all of her ailments. They are still not so sure what her medabolic issues really are, just that she deffinantly doesn't have GSD.Her liver is completely fine. Her brain did suffer and received quite a bit of damage from all her seizures and is trying daily to learn new things. She has a therapist, and Early Intervention that comes in weekly to play and work with her. She has made great strides and gets better each time. She loves to bounce and be sung to. Sometimes she even sings along with. She is vocal and voices her opinion just as much as Kyla does. Granted she doesn't form words but she surely tries. She has a great way of showing you she is bored or thinks your crazy. She will roll her eyes at you. It's halarious. She amazes us more and more each day of her life.
Mike is still a night watchman. They never did call him to be a chief. They actually had a hiring freeze with all that is going on. They rather just send transfers from other camps to fill in off and on. As much as he loves his job though, he is getting tired of working third shift and being tired all the time. He is biting at the bit that the spring will come and he can take his harley out of storage and start riding again. I'm looking forward to it also. I'm trying to get enrolled in a class myself so I can ride also. Not just be a passenger.
Me, I've not been up to alot. This winter has been tough on me. I've been ill with the bugg off and on. Had Larengytis (sp) and a sinus infection, never mind off and on flair ups of the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I try to get past them as often as I can. I don't want to EVER end up like I did a couple years back and totally ill and in bed more so then out of it. I love my life the way it is and want to remain that way. I feel that I'm still young enough to enjoy life, not end my life.
We still have our baby Angel. She is our Shitz Tzu for those of you who didn't know. She is still the apple of our eye. Spoiled as all get out. But as of Saturday night we got another baby to add to the family. Her name is Haylee Baby. The baby is what Kyla named her. Every time she see her she goes up to her and says, "Hi Baby!" and sticks her hand out for Haylee to lick it, just like she does with Angel. Being only 3 mos. old, Haylee takes it as a sign to nibble and tries. Lol best part is when she chases Kyla all over the kitchen trying to grab her clothes and pull her down to play even more. It's so funny. And Kyla tries to go into Hayless bed and take over.. It's laughs....
Well, that's about it. Being a winter season. Not alot goes on around here. We hide in the house and stay warm and with the snow that we've had this year. We really tend not go to too many places... So thank goodness we have such entertaining babes to keep us company!