Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Haylee's fish

This used to be Mike's fish tank. LOL Haylee has taken over. Now if only she could feed them and fill the water every few days. LOL Haylee is so funny, she will chase the sharks and bark at them and scratches the glass, tries to bite them. It's halarious. We just love it. It's such entertainment.. LOL


Well It's Mike's birthday today. He is 50 years old. Come Saturday I'll be 40. Can you actually believe it?? I never thought this day would ever come. But it's just about here.
What a month. I've had yet another kidney stone. I actually finally past one, so I could bring it into the Dr and get it annalyzed. Thank you Father in heaven! All the prayers, begging Him to let me save at least one of the 3 that has popped in my body. After the Dr told me to forget about it and put all my things away. This stone has disappeared in your body too. So I did. She gave me a script for Eurethritis and sent me home with another refill of the Lortabs for my fibro flares. That night after doing what I was told, I popped it.. I went in first thing Monday and dropped off my new baby for testing. I was so proud of that thing...
Anyway, then we were knocked on our buts last week. I started that Saturday with a bad allergy attack. Even the Dr told me if the over the counter meds didn't work to come back and she would write a script for a stronger med. But funny thing was a few days later, Kyla got the runny nose, Mike started getting it, Melissa and Kaylee. So I would say, NOpe not allergies. Mike got it so bad, that he got fevers and vomiting with it.. When that started, I started getting worse and worse. I have a great med. for vomiting. As soon as I feel like I'm going to, I pop this pill and it dissolves on my tongue and it stops the urge. You bet I was taking that everytime I got nauscious. We spent 5 straight days in the bed.
The 15th we were suppose to get Baptized in our new church. But we were both so ill that we just couldn't bare to even leave the bed to go. We are so depressed. Me more so then Mike. I've waited all year to get baptized. When Mike finally returned to work last night. He told me how he felt the pit of evilness coming to him. He started doubting the need for baptism. But after thinking about it last night, he knew he needed it just as much. So I emailed Pastor Mark and asked when he would be doing baptisms again. We so want to as soon as we can.
Anyway, Saturday we are having a surprise birthday party here at the house. Mike thinks it's a family birthday party. We have five of us, born the end of may. So he thinks it's a joint family party. Boy will he be surprised when he finds it's an over the hill party for him. LOL Can't wait.
But that is about all that is new around here. So write more after the weekend. I'll have pics to upload then also. FUN huh???