Thursday, March 31, 2011

Answered Prayers

Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted." ( Matt 15:28)

After Monday and DMV sucking us dry for everything we had and then some. I've spent my days and nights praying to Father. I told him Monday night, I am not going to get sick over this, I'm going to leave it at the cross and allow you to guide me in the direction that needs to be. But of course like so many others You tend to keep praying from your heart. Please bless us and pray we don't get in a HUGE mess over this. I mean I've done all, I paid my tithing right up front, then wrote out two more checks before we went to the DMV. So I was stressing (a bit) So of course for days, I prayed and prayed and prayed.
Yesterday I went to the soup kitchen of all intentions of breaking free and going to the secretary and asking for some help. Before we start serving people, the workers all gather in the kitchen and pray. We join hands and go around the room and if you have a special need in prayer to God we pray for it. I asked for prayer, that God will interceed in our lives and bless us and wrap his arms around us in comfort. Now only 2 people knew my financial issues and only one knew of my personal issues with Mike and his doubts at times. But as Sister Jane was praying, she just started spilling out my needs and asking Father to bless her and her family and help to rectify the home situation and remove Satan from our home and our minds. How amazing is that?
While we were serving, I was standing next to one of the people who knew my financial situation. She looked over to me and in a soft voice she says," how much are you in for?" I looked at her and was like excuse me? She says How much are you short. I was like ummmmmm and I got this nudge like "go ahead tell her." So I told her my issue. Melissa was going to pay as much as she could and then what I may be short on.She looked at me and said ok, I'll loan it to you. What really, (shook head twice) and started crying right at the serving line. Come on we are talking my rent here. She says, I got it, you need it. Ok... I was like wow!! Thank you Jesus!
This morning, as I was driving to pick up Mike down that dark country Highway. I was listening to K Love Radio. It's the Praise and Worship station. I was praying to Father thanking him and praising Him on how wonderful He has been in my life. When at my worse, He was still there. Everything down to my family and my husband. I was trying to keep dry eyes and drive. I just was so over whelmed on the blessings in my life.
After talking with Mike over everything, we figured fabulous, rent is paid all we are short now is his money for the rest of amount in bank that was short meds, few days gas and a few days of groceries. So we decided to take a small loan out to get us by. Enough that it would take care of those and just enough that it won't pinch when I get paid. Mind you I prayed all the way too the bank that I didn't have a bounced check. But a better blessing came our way. They gave back my "courtesy pay" The bank paid for everything it left me a small over draft fee thats it.. I cried right there at the counter.
So I have to say Faith is so strong and these are the things that makes you blessed to be a child of God. A God who does listen to your pleas and prayers and blesses His faithful...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..
Took Mike to Dr's today for Blood Pressure med refils. After she was done with him, she asked me how I was doing. Told her I was in alot of pain from fibro. It's very wet today. Told her how I was taking Lortabs at my worst moments. She said, come see me, there is a new med out for it, you will love. I told her how it's my pre-existing. She said ok come see me. She going to give me samples.. Cool..
So over all it's been a fabulous blessed day..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just another Manic Monday (well this case Tues after Mon)

Well Yesterday was a very stressful day. Mel and I went and registered the trucks. Oh my word, Florida has you coming and going. you would of thought that our license plates were made of solid gold... Between both trucks it cost $860. Can you imagine?? It's an initial $225 just to register a vehicle in the state, if you have never done it before. Then according to weight is the price of registration. Then you either have a choice of expiration on your birthday this year or next. Now my bday is in May, so I was like how much would I save if I renewed it then. But it would have only saved me less then a hundred dollars. I couldn't see any justice in that.Mel's is Oct so she decided to renew then. Then Fla, you have to have a title for your vehicle (RI if it's ten years or more, you don't) So anyway, it was such a punch in the gut that it just killed me. It took my rent money plus.
I could have waited longer to do it. BUT my issue as well as Melissa's was. WE both had our license transferred already...And you only have so long afterward to get the registration done. And the fine for it would of been horrific. So we just did it. It was bad enough, it took me a year to do regsiter it. I was fretting over a hundred dollars and couldn't afford it the entire year. I would of never been able to swing this much. Melissa it's only since end of summer. So still we were well over the time limit of it. Last time we got pulled over, New years eve. (head light blew out) We were asked how long we were here and were told we had ten days upon arrival to do it. So he was being very kind not to fine us then.
So now I'm in a panic of stress. I not only used the rent money to do it. But I exceeded into my tithing, avon and one more check that I wrote. So I've been praying for the last 24hrs for Heavenly Father to interceed and help us to make it w/o bouncing any checks. Come Friday Mel can give me half the rent and I can let the landlord know that I will pay the remainder our next pay day on the 8th. But I just want to make sure we don't fall short on the other checks that were written. Especially the tithing. I can always give back Avon and such. But I will NEVER take back tithing. That is HIS first before anything. But as I put on Facebook, I left it at the Cross and let him deal with it all. I'm just not so great about leaving it there, w/o worrying over it all.
Last summer I wrote a check on faith that the over draft would cover it. It's kind of what they call "promise to pay" and you pay it back your next payday. What I didn't know (wasn't verbally told and I didn't happen to read it before signing) was that they only give you a week to pay it back. I told the lady, If I knew that I wouldn't of signed. Mike gets paid every other week and I get once a month. Anyway, so I lost my over draft priveledge. I've been fighting for four months now to earn the priviledge back. It's such a blessing to know if your short just a bit, that they will pay it and you can pay it back at payday. You have up to $500 to it with. Now I worry if I bounce anything, It will be another three to six months before I can get it back.
This has put a strain on Mike and I also. He is not good with stress. Especially money stress. When we get in any bind, he doesn't want to hear about it. He would rather I just deal with it and be done with it. I tell him, NO WAY! If I have to suffer the stress of finances and when we get in a bind, I be darned if I'm doing it alone. So anyway, it puts him in a foul mood and he gets negative and it opens ports to where Satan can just jump in and take over and stretch him to his limits. So I had to hear again the entire night how much he hated Fla and today how much he not only hated Fla but he hates his job also..
So hopefully by next month things will start to pick up and he will be in better spirits. We want so badly to go to RI for a visit the middle of July. It just seems that Satan keeps getting his clutches into our finances that we can never put anything away. Plan is that we go up for a week, then bring Jw back with us and have him spend a month here and then he will fly back just in time for school to start. He HAS got to come down and visit. I've not seen that kid for a year. I need him... I would love for him to decide to move down. But so far he keeps telling me that he wants to go to highschool up there and then after he graduates he wants to come down. I can't wait that long. I'm so impatient. lol All I know is I miss my boy.
I miss friends but my son is the worse. Too bad John couldn't just move down.. Then we would have no issues and Jw would have no choice. I'm bad I know.. I just miss him to death.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost the weekend

What a great week. Life just seems to get better with each new day. Monday we went to the eye Dr's and Dr Gupta was awesome! He gave Mike a shot behind the eye to stop the leakage and told him that in a couple weeks he will go in and do minimal laser to finish up what the shot didn't do. It makes the laser alot better and less evasive. So cool. This Dr is more advanced then any other eye dr we've met. How cool is that. They say they are ten years ahead of their time. He tells us that with in a month, Mike will be able to get his new glasses finally. It's been what five years or so.. Poor guy.. He is so over due...
Wednesday I went to Soup Kitchen and Food Bank again. I just love that. Deb, Mike's cousin's mom has been going with me. This was her second week. She really likes it also. I'm so happy. It's one way she can feel the Spirit and learn why I love it so very much. After all is done with that, I bring home Nick Watts and we all socialize till it's time to head to service that night. He goes to CNC and we go to service. You can't beat a day like that, really. It's my utmost favorite day of the week. I'm surrounded by God's Grace the entire day.
Last night we had a sub pastor. Pastor Mark's youngest son, Elijah (Eli) is in the hospital with Asthma and a virus. He has been having a really hard time breathing and coughing so much. He's there again tonight. Poor thing. many blessings to him, so he can come home soon. Anyway, The sub spoke about Power and Authority. What a fabulous sermon. It just hits you square in the eyes, right in the heart.. He tells us to go boldly to the throne of Grace and tell God your wants. Then asks, "are you afraid to ask for miracles and freedom for God to lead you to Salvation?"
There are 4 elements of power and authority
1) Compitents 2) posterity 3) personality 4) character
B/c it's only through Christ that we can do anything.
I just love it.
Starting Sunday, Pastor Mark is suppose to start an Evangelizing class. I was hesitating on taking it. But then as I tried blocking it out of my head, the more I got nudged to think more on it. Then it came to me. I've spoken to a few people recently about God's Grace in our lives as well as my feelings about it. I've had questions asked that I had struggles to answer. So if I'm going to be the one to be asked these questions about God and such, wouldn't you rather be the one to bring them to Christ or would you rather push them away, due to not answering correctly?? So I spoke to Mike about it and told him that I believe, I need to take the course. I realize it's a night off for him. But hopefully he will understand a couple hours there for such a great reason. For sometimes he wants me to spend all the free time with him. Who knows maybe he will want to go with me. He has been surprising me alot lately, when it comes to things with church..
I just know that I'm so blessed to be able to have such a wonderful God, wonderful church, and indeed wonderful life. Who would of thought I would ever hear coming from Mike, "I tried so hard to not love you. But as each day goes by, the more and more I love you." I know that if it wasn't for our God, that I would never have what I have today. That through him, our marriage and our family continuously grows by leaps and bonds.. To have him tell people how lucky he is to have me, that it took him three tries to get it right. He is glad he finally got it. Just fills my heart and soul. just love it!! For I've always felt he was my soul mate. But to hear him tell me is another thing.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Life new beginnings

So many things have changed in our lives here in Fla. The new year has just brought us so many new beginnings. Our whole outlook on life has has grown tremendously. And we owe it all to OUR GOD! We now go to church as a whole family. We sit in the front of the church right behind the Pastors wife and a woman, whom I call my spiritual advisor and her hubby. I have begun to read the Word on a daily basis as well as read novels on a continuous basis. Right now I'm in what is called the Left Behind series. It's all written about the Rapture and what happens afterward and what is to come. It follows along hand in hand right along with the bible itself. Very cool. There is 16 books in the series and I'm on 9. It is so very addicting!!!
We have all decided we are going to get baptized in the church and Melissa is going to get the girls baptized also. I just love it so much.
Granted I've offended my father and he is sure that I've offended my mom. I feel it the other way. I've finally found something that I believe and how happy I am with my growth in spiritual learning. I've never felt this way before. I feel after I left my childhood church and was w/o a church for a couple years, I felt lost, but not enough to go back to that church. So I needed to find another. Mike asked me to try the church he went to before we met. So I did. I loved it. Then after we moved to Fla and found Lifepoint, I was taken away! This is above and beyond Mike's old church. I liked his church but it wasn't as progressive as this one is. Pastor Mark wants us learning and growing. He wants us to read the Word daily. He wants us to put ourselves out there and Serve Serve Serve! We are to join ministries and serve in those ministries. We are to serve others and do it for the Glory of our God, not for ourselves. NOthing is a greater blessing then being able to do that.
I go to Soup kitchen and food bank and volunteer on a weekly basis. What an honor to serve those who are less fortunante as you. To hug or link arms with those who are just looking for love and acceptance. Every other Tuesday nights I go to Shared Pages book group. The last book we read was spiritually mentoring. It was fabulous. How to in tune yourself with the Holy spirit and let him be the mentor not you. And do it all through the word.. AMAZING how that works.
Mike and my marriage has grown by leaps and bounds. I can't describe the beauty and love of our marriage. I've never would of dreamt that a marriage could be so beautiful for me. It's all b/c of the Grace of GOd in our lives. I just know it!
Melissa completed and graduated from CNA class. She goes in three weeks and takes her state test and will begin working for a nursing home here in town. Amazing! The growth in this girl.. She has only grown since she left RI. It's really cool to walk toward her room and hear Worship music coming from her room. Who would of thought???
My son Jw is growing in his church (still in RI) and is also dedicated his life to God and I told him one night I dreamed he would be a pastor when he grew up. He told me he had the same dream. How cool is that. He also listens to Praise and Worship music. Too much!! My dream and desire is that he will move back with us and so I can hear praise and worship all over our home. How cool would that be????
Anyway, It's now four twelve AM and I have to wash my face and get ready to go and pick up my darling from work. Last night we went to a game dinner at church, so I just drove him to work. Why not, I knew I would be awake for the entire night. But can't leave w/o washing up a bit and cleaning out my eyes for clarity.
I'm just so thankful for the love God has for me and my family and touching our hearts to help us to continue to grow more and more and be able to share our stories with other to reach them to grow like we have.
Now I just hope that I can conitinually be able to blog and keep up on my life's adventures as they go along.. I tend to be able to do better in my personal journal more so then online. Go figure..