Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday 7th Aug

I'm trying to up load a pic of Melissa on her first day of school but of course it's not letting me. It's like I did my limit on here already. Oh well.
I over slept today and didnt make it to church. I was soo tired I couldn't wake at all. So I decided must need to just suck it up and roll over and get some more sleep. I slept till 15 mins before Melissa went to work. Imgine.. She scrambled out what not before she had to and ran out the door. Kyla decided it was time to see what she could do while mom is gone. I swear she does all of it on purpose. Let's act out while mom is gone. She was upstairs watching tv in her mom's room with her sister. So I went up there to go to the bathroom and talk to Mike. She decided while I was up there, she snuck downstairs and got in fridge and started to pulls things out she wanted. When she got to her sister's pediasure, she dropped it and the lid flipped off and spilled some of it through out fridge and in drawer that she left open. So she left all and came upstairs to tell us she spilled and make a mess. I was picturing a flood on my floor. But thank the good Lord on high, there wasn't.
Then I took off to my friend Jenai's house to pick up and pot roast dinner that she made and was giving us what was left over.I left Kyla with Mike. When I came in ,she was upstairs and Mike down in kitchen. I started reheating dinner and we ate and when she was done, she went back upstairs. I assumed to watch more tv with sissy. After awhile she comes down. I turn to look at her and tell her it's time to potty. when I noticed that she got ahold of her bangs again and chopped more off. (mind you this is second time) Now she looks like she tried to buzz her bangs...LOL Mike told her that she was going to start to look like his hair.. HA! His is longer now.
I asked her where she found scissors. She told me in Mommy's room. i said ok show me. As we walk up the steps I see my door open. I yelled down to Mike and tell him he left the door open. I'm surpised it was only scissors she got into. I don't want to imagine what else she could. She already tried to swipe pills fromhim and pop them in her mouth, while he was taking his. We went in there first and sure enough, on the floor is the scissors and a good chunk of hair.. UGH!!! I popped her butt for touching stuff in my room and put a diaper on her and sent her rear end to bed. Mind you it was like six thirty or so.She fell asleep around 7:30 but knew not to leave her room at all..
I told Mel, the rate we are going, Mike will have to be on one floor and me on the other.. So we can see her at all times.. Last time she was in Mel's room watching tv and wanted to get on Mel's laptop. Guess since she couldn't get into it (it's password set) she decided to pop off like six or so letters.. Store wanted to charge $55 to replace the key board. Mel worked it long enough and popped the letters but like 2 back on.. She said give her time and she'll get them on also..
It amazes me. I can't wait for Mel to change shifts so I will only have them third shift and we all are sleeping. I just cannot keep up with these guys anymore. Not during everything else going on... I guess. I'm too spent on life's other things...
Oh well, this too shall pass.

day of memories of this year

The first pic is of Mike just going into work. Can you tell he was in a really bad mood. We had a pretty good loud discussing LOL before he left.
Second is the Mike just waking up lol
Third is twins and I on Easter Sunday
Fourth is an updated pic of my son Jw. My word he is just about a man. I can't believe it..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

updates from long ago.

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote. Mike went into the hospital for a week for high blood pressure as well as kidney failure yet again. Same as last November. Come to find out that our Dr we had was a flop. She took him off all the meds that the Dr's at the hospital prescribed him. She told us that there were better meds for him now and one wasn't any good for someone with diabetes. She also told him that she could do all blood work in her office and send it off. Oh and from looking at all his labs and tests she didn't see him having too much issue with his kidneys that they will work it and took him off the medicine they prescribed. The night of July 5th, he texts me and says, I can't breathe. It's like the humidity is taking my breath away. I tell him, i bet it's your Blood Pressure. Your sugar is out of whack and you dont eat right, so I'm sure your BP is high.. We went to the Dr the next morning after he told me that morning when i went to let my friend's dogs out that he wanted to see the dr that he couldn't breathe and he wanted to go to the drs. So i called and got him in as soon as they would let him. His Blood pressure was 220/114. She said she wanted him to go to ER right away. She wanted him admitted to be monitored by a specialist..
We weren't in the ER an hour and we found out that the meds she put him on weren't any of them for BP. They were cholesteral meds and tricliserides. So for 8 months he hadn't been treated for his hypertension.I had had it, so had Mike. We were done. We told the hospital, that if she ever called for records or reports that you know nothing and we want nothing to do with her ever again..
He was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease. He is in kidney failure. He is now on 10 different medications... He had almost 35lbs of water weight. He had edema from his toes to his face. The edema was squeezing his heart and lungs. That was why he couldn't breathe. Today he looks like he did (weight wise) in high school. The Dr was totally impressed on how well the Lasix is working. Since he was discharged, they only had to increase one of his BP meds. He does well in the mornings, but by late afternoon, early evening it would spike. Now after the increase, his BP is just about perfect.
He had people all over the states and different parts of the world praying for him. God had heard and answered our prayers. He had blockage in the heart, but after testing found it wasn't enough to put stents in. He was told that highly possible that he would need dialasis for the kidneys would completely shut down from the test for his heart. God took the other road and made she he didnt. There were different things that he had been blessed with. Amazingly, Mike was so touched with all the people visiting him from church and the help that was given there as well at our home, and the love and prayers just convinced him, this is the place he needed to be. Amongst the love and fellowship of this wonderful Godly church family. He determined from then on that he was going to commit to The Lord and commit to going to church and giving it his all.
Well July 15th We were babptized in this fabulous new Gospel of life. We are one membership class away from becoming full fledge members of this wonderful church. I was sick the day of that one class and the whole family decided not to go. Melissa never went back to class, but Mike and did. With Mels schedule, she rarely makes it to church. On Weds nights when we go, we take the girls with us, so we can go. Kyla adores the nursery..Kaylee stays with us.
The twins had their 4th birthday. Can you believe I'm a grandma of 4 yr olds. Love it! We've been sitting for Melissa while she works. Before I had ppl coming to help me. But now we wing it. Kyla can be such a hand full. She is mouthy, fresh, full of so much energy, doesn't listen, and when scolded or spanked she laughs at times. Alot! She is still potty training at 4. Amazing huh? I know she is behind in things. So it took longer for it to kick in. But amazes me how spiteful she ccan be with it. She would much rather wet herself then use the potty. we use bribes of treats(m&m's, cookies, grapes, blueberries, crackers, fish, etc) and still she plays it. We think that she is jealous. Kaylee wears diapers, kaylee goes to school, Kaylee gets things she can't have (even though she gets more), Mommy goes to work and leaves her on a daily basis and poor Kyla is home. We know that she knows when she needs to go, she has told on some occassions, "I go potty" and she goes. Then there is times, she will just open her legs and watch herself go on the floor.. UGH!!!
Jw is coming on the 16th. Im praying that I can get him to stay for good. I've had people telling me that John is not fit for live in parenting. And he is not spending hardly any time with Jw. John is getting an upcoming job that will have him away from JW even more so. Being that this isn't the first time that I've been told about John's parenting wasn't right. I think it's time to take over and keep him with me.. I just pray sooo hard that I can convince him and his father this is the place where he needs to be. He needs a better life. Besides the only reason why Jw wants to go back is because of his youth group. The kids treat him awful at school and he doesn't have it any better at home. So I am hoping youth will be just as great here and he falls in love quickly.. I pray that God will hear my heart and help..
Ok I think that's about it. Now that I wrote a novel here. I'll close. I think I caught everyone up now:0)