Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec. 31 A New Start to a New Year

Well it's New's Years Eve and I have no plans... That's ok, I like it that way. No rushing around looking for an outfit to wear, needing to put makeup on doing my hair. It's nice. You can lounge around in your jammies all day and be lazy.... Kick back and wait to just watch the ball drop on television.... Can't wait!
We had a very struggling year this year. We are waiting for a fresh start to a new year and get on our feet and be debt free and just start new on everything.. We are finally in our own place and comfortably loving life. Thanks to Mike's sister, we have a beautiful home and just love everything about it... Hopefully with in the next year we will be able to buy it from her.
We are proud grandparents of two beautiful twin girls. They are five months old now. Kaylee Nicole and Kyla Ann. Kaylee, we almost lost the beginning of November. She has a liver disease that stores sugars and throws off toxins when she doesn't properly. She has to be on a special formula, that Melissa (Mike's daughter) makes nightly and a few medicines each day... Kyla on the other hand is full of life and let's the world know when she wants something... It's so funny.... She can throw a tantrum like the best of one year olds. It's halarious!

Jw is growing like a weed. Skinny mini but getting tall. He is in Karate now. He just got his gold belt... And works hard to keep up his grades and daily chores to get rewards from karate. Everything is to get stars or karate money, now a days... It's great to see him try so hard on something....

Mike is doing well. He is still working at Camp E-Hun-Tee as a night watch man.. He loves being around the kids and thoroughly enjoys being in the woods. He works third shift so he sleeps his days away. Sometimes, he visits in the mornings when he comes home and doesn't go to sleep till after lunch. That makes it nice so we just aren't passing in the night.

Well, the only thing I can say about me at this time is that I'm not doing a whole lot, right now. I work hard each day to keep a clean house and slowly working on building my Vemma business back up again.. They came out with a new product in November called Verve. It's an energy drink. It has Vemma base in it with ingredients like Red Bull (with out all the crap they put in that stuff). I'm looking forward to trying it and promoting that next. I'm going to start going to a gym this year. I've put on my weight again and I am so afraid of being a lazy fat forty year old with chronic fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Being that my brain thinks I'm already fifty six years old. Can you imagine what it will feel when I'm forty and my brain will think I'm a crippled old lady.... So I need to get on the ball and work myself to becoming as pain free and healthy as I can be.... SO that is my goal for 2008.... I will keep you posted on that as time goes on...
Kaylee's nurse that she has, is hooking us up ( my sister in law Valerie is going with me) with free passes to try out her gym. I'm looking forward to that so much... It has a spa, a gym, a pool, a jacuzzi, aerobics, etc etc etc.... So by Dec. 31, I should be a new skinny mini me..... LOL