Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praising hubby

Not that this is a recent photo, it's not. It's from last summer. But any way it's my favorite pic, since we got together.
I just want to praise my man today. It's not often that Mike steps up and does alot to do for me. I should take that back, he does do dishes occassionally, he does walk the dogs for me, pick up poop from the training puppy, ummm he does quite a bit. But usually when it comes to meals, I do the serving and cleaning of it all.
Today, I have been ill with the fibro. from all the heavy rains and such. That all I've done is sleep, to make up for all the pain. I spent my day today on the heating pad. I was so miserable and if I could sleep, I did. I woke around eight and he says, " there is bbq chicken and mac and cheese, want some?" I was weak enough that all I did was shake my head. He asked what I wanted for a drink, I said, bottle of water. I was weak enough that I couldn't open the lid. So he did that.
After I was done, he picked up my plate and took it to the sink for me. That I normally do for him, too.
So thumbs up Sweet Heart! Thanks for being so special...
Bad thing is, that I fell back asleep and the poor thing, as usual fell asleep and I woke at 11:15 and he was officially late for work. So I made myself shuffle my way to the kitchen and at least make him some hot chocolate and p. butter and fluff sandwiches, so he had something to eat at work tonight. Poor guy. He flew around here getting ready and was out the door by 11:30. He is suppose to be there at 11:00 tonight. OOPS!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mike's bike

These are of the bike. Aslo, I included pictures of the outside of our home. I promised some that I would. It's not the greatest place in the world. But we love it! It's a great size place,it has three bedrooms and two living rooms. We made it a four bedroom and one living room. We have a good size kitchen and pantry, off the pantry is the tiny bathroom with it's half tub and tiny little sink.. With toilet.. Have just enough room to stand, turn and sit.. LOL
The other pictures below, that I didn't explain about are of Kaylee in the Early Intervention center in their swing. She just loved that! And the other is Kyla in her horse.. She finally learned, by watching Emma, how to climb on and off it all by herself. She actually wakes around eight in the mornings and plays in her room for at least an hour before she tells anyone that she is ready to get out and eat breakfast. It's so cute...
Even funnier, yesterday she managed to take her diaper off. She decided that she had poopies in her pants and she didn't want to sit in it any longer. So when Melissa went to get her going for the day, she had seen her bare bottomed. LOL

Here are the updated pictures from Easter. Didn't the girls look great! They ended up going to Melissa's mom's house for Easter dinner and spent the day over there. But we had to steal some pictures of how beautiful they looked.
Now being that Mike is Emma's Godfather, as well as uncle, we stopped over her house to give her a small Easter gift. And see how their day went.. Emma has a bandaid on her forhead. Funny thing happened. She banged her head on the pole in the basement. She told her mom, that she "broka" her head and she needed a bandaid. There wasn't a bump or anything there. But to appease here, Michelle gave her a bandaid and she proudly wore that thing all day! It was halarious.. The Easter bunny took all of Emma's diapers and left her new panties and pull ups. As of Weds. She has proudly been using the potty like a big girl.. He(Easter bunny) in turn, also left her a baby bunny to care for. She loves and has so much fun with it...
We went to Mike's brother's house later in the day b/c Crystal, his wife, worked all day. We had a great ham dinner and then enjoyed the rest of the evening with a cool walk and gathering in the living room watching tv and chatting.
The week hasn't been very busy. Just the usual week. On Weds. I went to my friend Charlie's and cleaned his fridge and did some dishes and looked at his computer. He pays me for what I do each week. Which helps very well for gas and the little extras that are needed on the off pay weeks. SO in turn I help him and he helps me.. WOrks out great.
Today being Saturday is suppose to rain. So we won't be doing alot. We are hoping that tomorrow is much nicer and pretty warm so we can ride the bike. It's been three weeks since I've been on it. Mike went Weds. while I was in Fall River at Charlie's...
I'll put up a pic of the bike so you can see it. Mike is trying to sell it, so he can buy a bigger bike. But so far no luck. SO we just enjoy it for awhile longer that's all. I was hoping to get my own bike this year. But due to money and it being so tight. I don't think I will be able to. So maybe next year.. In the meantime, I'm working on getting into the class to get my endorcement for my license so I can ride it alone.. Saving for that is tough too. But I know I'll get there...
Hope you all have a great weekend! Take it easy and enjoy as much of it you can...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just had to drop in and wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER and hoping that you will all remember what the true meaning of Easter truly is. And hope that you will take the time to thank our Blessed Wonderful Brother Jesus Christ for all that he has done for us and in helping us to be able to return to our family and most humble Heavenly Father...
Will write more later.. HUGS and Love ME

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have to apoligize. The post is all backwards. One of these days I'm going to get everything down pat on here. I wanted to try to fit the blog with the pics this time, instead of loading all the pics at once. But this time it all came out back ward. Oh and I forgot to show you Neil's cake too. So here it is...
Sorry everyone!

Today being Monday, Well at this point today is Tuesday. But anyway, being Monday and it's raining. It really did get me down. I know that it's quite beautiful and I know that we always could use the moisture for our plant life and waters. But as a fibro myte, I could do with out. I woke today, so miserable and so much in pain and worse of all, I was so groggy. No matter what I did, or what Mike did, I couldn't wake up. And the worst of that is, the more you lay in bed, and then longer you sleep the more you hurt AND you can get headaches. Well, guess what.. Boy I woke with it all.. I was miserable..
So I can honestly say, rainy days and Mondays ALWAYS GET ME DOWN! LOL
Hopefully today, being really Tuesday now (5:30 am) and when I finally wake. I hope to feel so much better....
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a better Monday then I did...

This is Neil, it's Mike's cousin Jane's (Debby's sister) son. he is 26 years old. He got some money too, and a hermit crab and some other cool presents. The girl with dark hair next to him, is his sister Christina. She is helping him read his cards.
Mike had fun with Neil. He got him to pick on me for the day. I got tickled, pinched and play punched most of the afternoon. The guys think it's funny that he does that too me. Good thing it's all in jest and he really doesn't hurt me. LOL Neil is a great guy. My nick name for him is "Boogey Man" and he calls me the "Boogey Woman".
Every summer Jane has people over every weekend for BBQ's and such. It's so much fun. She always has way too much food and not enough time to sit down for herself. This year, we all vowed, that she was going to get help in everything and she won't do it alone anymore. It was costing her over $200 a week to do a cookout.. NO WAY! That's upsurd!
After all was said and done, I had to bring Jw back home to his dad. Which is just a thirty five to forty minute drive from here. But I'll tell ya, it's a killer on the back... Besides, I hate having to bring him home. I know it's what he wanted and he is doing so very well there. Doesn't mean I don't miss him living at home though...

This is Debbie, She is Mike's cousin from his dad's side. We helped celebrate her 50th, this weekend. What a blast we had... It was quite fun! It was a surprise party, she thought that she was just coming for her nephew's birthday party. Pictures for that to follow. Anyway, they got her good. Silly string, hat, shirt. And her lovely husband bought her a gorgeous cake... As you can see. She got alot of great gifts, and alot of money. She was totally surprised and loved everything.
And of course, since Mike brought his bike, she had to get a pic on there too. She was so scared to even sit on it, afraid to knock it over. It was quite comical...

my weekend..

These are my men at Mike's Cousin's 50th birthday and his other cousin's 26th..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hmm, What a week so far... I've been going and going Monday, Tuesday and today.. I'm racking my brain, I know I did something on Monday, lol but I just can't remember what I did... LOL "old age", I guess. I know Monday night I cleaned, cleaned cleaned... Yesterday was a blast.. I went to Fall River and went along with Charlie to the eye dr's. He needed a driver for on the way home... He had his eyes dialated. I stayed in the van and tried to go back to sleep, b/c I only had gotten three hours sleep. Remember I'm a third shift wife.. LOL thanks to my hubby... But needless to say, I couldn't sleep on his most uncomfortable seats. So the only thing I had to do, when I got bored was play with my phone.. LOL Those pictures are what I took.. LOL People are going to think I'm stuck on myself, I've spent the last couple months, just snapping pics of myself.. LOL
I did learn something, I am starting to like myself w/o glasses more then with... Mike is trying to talk me into getting contacts with him.. He wants them for the bike. Now that he has to wear corrective lenses, he is finding that he has to have some sort of sheild so he doesn't cry. He hates the sheilds! So, we are going to look for prescription Wiley's and then fit him for contacts... And since I'm gonna be driving the bike instead of riding soon, I better do something too. B/c I won't be able to angle myself behind him, not to "cry" either LOL
Today, I went to Dmv to renew the registration on the truck as well as register our new car. Well, new to us. I'm so excited. Finally.. It's a 95 Buick LeSabre. It's such a smooth ride. We got it for a steal! We were in Benny's of all places and the guy came up behind us in line. I had happened to ask him if one of his cars was still for sale. It was really cheap b/c it needed a head gasket..And I thought we could work out a really cheap deal.. Well, he did one even better. B/c he had sold us a lemon last summer (my Lincoln with all the expensive electrical problems, after warrenty) he had said that he just got this trade in this past week and he would let us take it for $500. It's inspected, all brand new tires, good condition only needs a little tlc in cosmetics. That's it.. The cosmetics, is like no arm rest in front seat (big deal), the middle of the dash was broken out.. small square peice, and the outside was faded from age.. Oh and the plastic peice under the front side of the car was cracked a bit and rear tail lite cracked and a tiny peice of rust on real wheel well. Big deal! So we jumped on it. We are so excited..
So needless to say, I only spent two and half hours at Pawtucket DMV, b/c West Warwick is now closed, registering our two vehicles.. and to top it off, we got a fantastic deal with Geico. For two vehicles we only pay $74 a month. When we had Allstate, we paid $123 for just the truck. Go figure. So we are stoked over this.
I will post pics of our car, when we pick it up tomorrow. I promised to leave it there, so they can clean it up and make it as pretty as they could before we took it home... Can't wait...
Tomorrow will be another busy day for me. I have to go grocery shopping, so fun, then take Mike to dr's appt. Then pick up the car.. I'm telling you, come tomorrow night or Friday, i'm going to drop and not get up... LOL I've done more this week, then I have in ages... Tough on the Fibro. I tell ya..