Saturday, April 14, 2012

new days new dreams

Life has just been so exciting. I'm just plunging into things and really seeing how life is going to work in me. I joined the prayer team at church and really just adore it. I feel connected to others and God more this way. I've been wanting to do this for so long. Now I can.
I also, joined back up with Vemma. I'm loving it! I've done alot of praying about all of this. God is walking beside me in my adventure. I'm really excited. My first big project in this, is going to be a business table at our Women's weekend at church. I'm so excited. I ordered a business kit and samples and feeling the urger to try and order more samples. I'm so excited.
Mike has people interested in it at the dialysis center and I think that can get to be a huge business boom! So I think as long as I don't let my head swell to big and I walk side by side with God and let him carry me through, we may indeed make something with this... I can't wait.
I decided that I will start the weight loss program that Vemma has, which is called Bod.e. And see how that will effect with me. I'm going to work another person (Jenai possibly) to The only other exciting thing is that my son is going to be 16 this upcoming week on the 19th. I can't believe my baby isn't a baby at all anymore.. WOW! I can't wait til he can come down this summer. I miss him so so so much!!!
That's about it.. Mike is still working to get started on the beginning process of doing home dialysis. Poor guy. He hates going to the clinic every other day. Which I can't blame him. He is getting great fellowship in, but still would prefer to be home doing it. I love the idea that he is interacting with others on a christian basis as well as a promoter basis for the company:)