Monday, December 12, 2011

another weekend over

Well got alot accomplished this weekend. I finished my friends laundry so she would have clean clothes. She had like 7 or 8 loads.. 6 of them clothes two of them blankets.. I still haven't done the blankets yet. I'm taking a break from that.. I decided today to do the kitchen and bathroom downstairs and sweep the floors. That was enough for my back to handle. With the weather being the way it is, all my joints are just achey also.. So not fun.
Mike went up and visited his boss and give the return to work note, so he can start back in Jan. Can you believe it's been over six months since he's worked. I know it will do him well to get back in the mode of working. I just worry that after he sees the surgeon for the fistula and he actually starts dialasis, will he be strong enough to continue working..He's been through so much already, I just don't want him to go through more suffering.
The good news is, that I will have my portion of the insurance back. I can't wait! I will be able to see a Dr once more.. Talk about an answered blessing.. I needed for so long..This way, I can get back on the right track and get my butt back to doing all I did before. I am missing church, I'm missing my soup kitchen. I'm missing my life.. It's time to get my life back.. So it will be a good Christmas of answered prayers and blessings.
Thank you Lord for your love and kindness. Thank you for your arms wrapped around us, when we've needed it most..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec. 10

Well once again I'm way behind. It is hard to getting on the computer alot b/c it's Mike's only outlet on being bored. So I let him have it. I have my phone to do most things, so I don't really complain. I just don't think about trying to do my blog.
We had a really nice Thanksgiving. We ate at Deb and Kevin's house. It was a bit hectic in the beginning but ended very nicely. We were eating at two. We had the twins (melissa worked) So that meant we had to get a ride. Our truck only sits one passenger. I had to take the truck though, also, because Kaylee needed to be back for four for the nurse. We finally settled down to eat at like 2:45. By the time we finished eating and cleaned our places, it was time to repack Kaylee, her recliner and diaper bag into the truck, once again. I made it home by five of four. We waited around till five thirty. No nurse.. So after her feeding was done, I packed more essentials and meds and headed back for the evening. We had a fire pit and a nice dessert of sorts. It was awesome. We had plenty to be thankful for.
We decided to sell Mike's Harley finally. Between his illnesses and financial difficulties we knew we had to. He only got like half of what it was worth. But we took every advantage we could of it. We did an awesome Xmas shopping this year for the kids. It felt great to be able to do that. This is the first year we could do what we did this year. We even kept some, to put in the bank to secure a loan with it.. Need to pay off bills and build credit.
Mike has been released back to work, but hoping that his boss won't schedule him back on til Jan. He goes for a fistula consult Jan 9th. That is to discuss and schedule surgery to have two main veins combined for dialasis. If that doesn't work, then they will put a mock vein in. This will take 3 mos to heal and grow over to the normal vein it should be for complete acceptance of the dialasis and the vein won't blow from the pressure and so much pumping of fluid. He can then also be tested sometime after that to see if he can be a candidate of a kidney transplant. He has four people that have volunteered to donate. They will have to be throughly tested to see if they match. If they don't he will be put on a transplant list that is up to 8 years long.
He has more restrictions on his diet now. He is now on a diabetic, cardiac, low phosphus as well as low potassium diet now. Tell me what great meals can I cook this man on a very tiny food allowance. Most of the time we get our food fromt he food bank. B/c the cost of life and meds take such a HUGE chunk out of us as it is. But I have faith that Father in heaven will bless us to pull it off.
I've been helping my girlfriend with not only driving her kids home from school, but now at the salon with cleaning and answering phones. This weekend I'm doing her laundry. So hopefully that will help with some cash...
The driving is still paying for my haircuts, color, and straightning. She also trims the twins and Melissa's hair. I do Mike's. he's easy i just buzz his. LOL
I just got approved from the state a "cost sharing" medicaid. Check this out, I have to accumulate $1442 (a month) in order for them pay for anything. I know I have medical issues and I need meds on a monthly basis. But I can't see me running a bill of sorts "Every" month of that amount. I have to look for a new Dr as well, since we fired ours back in July. she nearly got Mike killed. She wasn't treating him for any of his ailments except diabetes. She was telling him that all her test didn't show kidney failure and the high blood pressure she was ONLY treating with a cholesteral pill. I mean come on, charge $250 for a walk in office visit (thank God for Bc/Bs and co pays) but for that price she should of been some sort of specialist.. And imagine she studied and worked at Columbia up North Massachuessetts for High blood pressure and helped put on the market some of the top meds.. But to prescribe to a patient when needed. NOPE why would she do that.. She rather not treat you for meds and have you come in More then needed and slowly kill you off. Nope I don't think so... So we fired her and Mike got a new and much much better Dr. She is AWESOME!!!!
Oh well, now that I've yet once again wrote a novel here.
I should make it a New Year's Resolution to try and keep up with this blogging.. I've not even written in my personal journal in ages.. I'm so far behind. Go figure.....