Thursday, March 31, 2011

Answered Prayers

Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted." ( Matt 15:28)

After Monday and DMV sucking us dry for everything we had and then some. I've spent my days and nights praying to Father. I told him Monday night, I am not going to get sick over this, I'm going to leave it at the cross and allow you to guide me in the direction that needs to be. But of course like so many others You tend to keep praying from your heart. Please bless us and pray we don't get in a HUGE mess over this. I mean I've done all, I paid my tithing right up front, then wrote out two more checks before we went to the DMV. So I was stressing (a bit) So of course for days, I prayed and prayed and prayed.
Yesterday I went to the soup kitchen of all intentions of breaking free and going to the secretary and asking for some help. Before we start serving people, the workers all gather in the kitchen and pray. We join hands and go around the room and if you have a special need in prayer to God we pray for it. I asked for prayer, that God will interceed in our lives and bless us and wrap his arms around us in comfort. Now only 2 people knew my financial issues and only one knew of my personal issues with Mike and his doubts at times. But as Sister Jane was praying, she just started spilling out my needs and asking Father to bless her and her family and help to rectify the home situation and remove Satan from our home and our minds. How amazing is that?
While we were serving, I was standing next to one of the people who knew my financial situation. She looked over to me and in a soft voice she says," how much are you in for?" I looked at her and was like excuse me? She says How much are you short. I was like ummmmmm and I got this nudge like "go ahead tell her." So I told her my issue. Melissa was going to pay as much as she could and then what I may be short on.She looked at me and said ok, I'll loan it to you. What really, (shook head twice) and started crying right at the serving line. Come on we are talking my rent here. She says, I got it, you need it. Ok... I was like wow!! Thank you Jesus!
This morning, as I was driving to pick up Mike down that dark country Highway. I was listening to K Love Radio. It's the Praise and Worship station. I was praying to Father thanking him and praising Him on how wonderful He has been in my life. When at my worse, He was still there. Everything down to my family and my husband. I was trying to keep dry eyes and drive. I just was so over whelmed on the blessings in my life.
After talking with Mike over everything, we figured fabulous, rent is paid all we are short now is his money for the rest of amount in bank that was short meds, few days gas and a few days of groceries. So we decided to take a small loan out to get us by. Enough that it would take care of those and just enough that it won't pinch when I get paid. Mind you I prayed all the way too the bank that I didn't have a bounced check. But a better blessing came our way. They gave back my "courtesy pay" The bank paid for everything it left me a small over draft fee thats it.. I cried right there at the counter.
So I have to say Faith is so strong and these are the things that makes you blessed to be a child of God. A God who does listen to your pleas and prayers and blesses His faithful...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..
Took Mike to Dr's today for Blood Pressure med refils. After she was done with him, she asked me how I was doing. Told her I was in alot of pain from fibro. It's very wet today. Told her how I was taking Lortabs at my worst moments. She said, come see me, there is a new med out for it, you will love. I told her how it's my pre-existing. She said ok come see me. She going to give me samples.. Cool..
So over all it's been a fabulous blessed day..


smoochmommy said...

Even when we think no one's watching, we need to think again. Good for you girlie, good for you.

ChristinaS said...

Who is this smoochmommy?? Do we know each other...