Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well we managed to get through two birthdays and enjoyed a great dinner and cake together with family. It was great! Melissa cooked supper and baked a cake and all. We were so impressed. Life has been making some world wind changes in my husband. I just cannot believe how in the world he has been changing. He is becoming a totally new man. First he now encourages me to pay our tithing, then he goes through his clothes and takes out all that is not pleasing to our Lord. Amazed! Yes I am. Now as of last night, he wants to go to a worship service this up coming sunday night where they are teaching about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Wow! Does Mike not want to be just a bench warmer any logner??? He also volunteered to baby sit three out of four of the most hyperest children in all time. He says, " what can be no worse then Kyla and I handle her just fine." I was shocked. Ok Bud, now my friend and her daughter can go to our sisterhood weekend and not worry. He is even going in and getting permission to switch around his dialysis treatment, just so he can watch them on Saturday morning as well. How awesome is this?? Is this really my "new and improved" husband?? lol I'm all for it.. I've been working with a friend from church on getting a woman's group here at my house to be able to do a bible study, fellowship, crafting, what ever with their children. We want to call it "mommy and me" group. Awesome. I can't wait.. Our life just seems to be growing in the direction it should of been a very long time ago.. But hey, God doesn't count your past, he just helps you look forward to your future. How impressive is that??