Monday, May 7, 2012

Sometimes I get so frustrated. I am a very relying person on my God. I go to him for everything that I need to do in my daily walk of life. I trust in all that he will give me. But I also believe that he expects us to do things for ourselves. If we are ill, rely on the Dr's if need be. (he put physicians on the Earth for this purpose) If there a better lifestyle to live, allow God to show you. If your drag yourself down and over do your body will eventually drop from exhaustion. God will bless you in your service, but he also expects you to take care of yourself, in order to take care of others. Sleep and rest is very important not only physically but emotionally and psychologically also. Same goes with our diets. God gave us foods that we can grow and eat, or buy food that has been grown. When we continue to put processed foods, that are full of garbage, additives and such in our bodies, eventually it catches up. We get sick, we develop health issues. If there are things out there to help us strengthen our bodies and rebuild what we have broken down inside our bodies and strengthen our immune systems. I'm just surprised more people don't jump aboard and do it. Wouldn't a person rather put all natural things in their bodies to rebuild then drugs that mask and cover up the problems? Yes prescription drugs are cheaper(today) but what happens a few years down the line, while your were taking a med that helped an issue but ate away at your liver or kidneys? Gave your ulcers or eroded the lining of your esophagus and stomach. You had to reconstuct the pathway to the bowel tract? Do you get what I'm saying? Why do people put themselves through this? I did for many years. It's all I know. We do what we have been conditioned to do. Our parent's did it, why can't we. Isn't it time to break the cycle and do what we can to be healthier then our parents? To live longer then our parent's? Do you have a family member that died at a young age, from a disease, they could of most likely prevented? Heart attack, diabetes, stroke, fibromyalgia, the list can become a mile long... I know I do. I want to rebuild myself, get down to the inner cellular level and rebuild my damaged cells and develop healhtier ones. Do you think I like being known as lazy? All that lady does is lay around the house and sleep, do nothing. She has to hire someone else to clean her home (the simple household chores any one can do) But if I did them, I have to lay back down after each task and regroup for 30 mins or so. Do I enjoy every time it rains or the barmetric pressure changes drastically, to gets migraines, and such severe pain, all I want to do is cry and take hand fulls of meds to try and get rid of the issue . 90% of the time, it only brings the pain level down to a place where I can move again.. I want my life back. I'm 40 years old and I move around most days like Im 80. Heck I've seen some 80 year olds that move better then I do. I knew a lady who would til her garden or flower beds with a maddox and plant all her things by hand. She would play her neighborly rolls and dig up flowers and veggies and deliver by hand boxes to neighbors around her. Just to say, Hey thank you for being you. thank you for saying hi everytime you drive by. Wouldn't you like to be that way? I know I would. Well if someone would tell you they found a product that would do that for you. In just 2 oz a day you can start a process that will change your whole life for the better, for years to come. Yes, every one is hesitant at first. How can a product be so great and do so much. Well, first off 99% of most ailments are started on a cellular level. No? Autoammune diseases, surely are and many more. So why not try a product someone tells you, it works wonders. NOT JUST FOR ME, but check out these thousands of people who tried and look at them today. Well, that is what I did. I took one's word and decided if it could do it for them, and the other thousand out there, why couldn't it do it for me? Heck especially if it's 100% empty bottle, money back guarentee. (30 days) I jumped aboard and tried. In thirty days, I went from migraines to slight headaches, I went from severe pain to tolerable pain, hmm ok so far, it's doing something. Lets try for another thirty days. Wow! I took less pain meds this month. By the end of the month, I was able to stop taking my daily depression meds, my fibro meds (lyrica and neurontin) and I've not had a migraine all month.. Wow! Let's do another month and see if I can totally get off my night time sleep meds and such. I've been able to do laundry and clean my bathroom and not lay down to regroup. There's a plus! My husband has received more energy since he got sick. He still runs circles around me, but more so now. He does more in a days time, then he did in years. He brought the product to his dr and his doctor was like, oh yes, I like it.. Keep taking it.. sent his dr home with a sample and info for it.. Why not.. So now, what is the way, you present it to another. It's all natural it's less then $1.50 a day. and look at the benifits.. It's backed by Dr Roizen and Dr Oz. Alot of the celebraties and sports stars take it.. They are raving how it give more energy and no viruses and such. College students are taking it and getting better grades and are more alert. They take Verve, instead of red bull or monster drinks for surge of energies and no crash afterward. Better performaces from them. Granted there are so many Healthy schemes out there as well as so many health alternatives. Not saying one is better then the other. You have to find the one that works for you and run with it. This is my health of choice (I've tried a few) but nothing seems to do what Vemma has done for us. I hope you can find something that will work this way for you also. I don't know about you, but I would love to live to be over 100 and still be able to function in my everyday life. But until then, I'm doing what I can just to function as a 40 year old should function (not a sick 80 year old) I still rely on God for my spiritual needs, but I still rely on what God has granted others to teach and help also. that is why they were put on earth to do. Why not take advantage of it. It God wanted you to fully 100% rely ONLY on him, he wouldn't have had dr's and resources to help him along the way also. (I may not have worded it correctly, but I hope you understand on what I mean.. Love and hugs to all who are reading this, and I hope no one has gotten offended in any way. Hope you have a blessed week. That is my Monday thoughts..