Saturday, May 5, 2012

Well is moving along. It's now May and we are living day by day. Mike goes in on his birthday (18th) to get his PD port (belly) for home dialysis. Then he won't have to go to the center three days a week. He is so excited about this. We still have to take a trip down to Tampa, to get him tested for transplant and get put on the list. He has done so many changes in the year. I'm so impressed with him. Last year he got really mad at me for paying tithing with his money. This year he insists on it. First right off the top. I'm like Yes, he finally sees the blessing and what tithing can bless you with. He has started singing each week. Mike doesn't sing. Just that the spirit over comes and you can't help but sing. He has gained so much of a testimony going through this hardship. He has been talking to everybody about Vemma and how it has worked on his body. He has so much energy and such. People can't get over it. He's brought in samples and paperwork, so all can see. I'm going to be having a birthday party the end of the month for a friend here. Then on the 2nd of June, I will be having a jewelry party. July, my sister in law is moving down and will be staying with us, till she finds a place. Life is going to be so busy around here. Jw will be coming the end of July, beginning of Aug to spend the month with us. Man I can't wait. I miss him so much! I've been growing spritually daily. I try and read daily (nightly) the Word and apply it. I do a women's bible study. we are learning the women in the bible and what roles they played leading to Jesus' life. Then on my personal studies, I'm learning about getting closer to my Father and receiving the gift of tongues. I'm so wanting to have the closeness to my Father and be able to climb up in his lap and have him hold me. I so want to become a close as I can to Him. It says in the bible that you must confess ALL of your sins in life and come clean before God and then the spirit will start opening up you mind and heart to be able to. I so wondered what it was in my life that was not confessed and forgiven. I was presented back to our sister hood weekend and what had been brought out then. OH!!! You would think (never just assume or think) that was so long ago, it was forgotten. So I represented it to Him and asked for my forgiveness. I now, have gone from, ok I'm getting words formed in my mind and when i repeat outloud, another word forms. Then I pray to my Father please make it known to me that it is the spirit telling me these words or is it Satan helping me along. There is a book out that Pastor Mark talked about, that I'm looking at getting. So when payday comes I will see about it. But for now, I'm reading "Princess unaware" and learning more and more each day. It has alot of biblical references and reading references to interact in with the scripture. how cool is that??? But that is where life has been for me so far. Just learning a little more every day..