Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have to say Easter is my most favorite holiday every. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love the idea of the birth of Jesus Christ. It's the first step in preparation to Jesus growing to his whole reason for being. He is going to be crucified on the cross for ME! Well you know, for you, for me, for everyone! All you have to do is keep the Father's commandments like Jesus did and you will also be ALIVE as well...
We could not have had a more beautiful service today as we did. The spirit was as usual over whelming. Today was special. Today was Easter. Today we celebrated Christ's resurrection and how grateful we are for his atoning sacrifice so we may be able to be forgiven of ALL of our sins and be able to have EVERLASTING LIFE..
The most thing that is sticking out to me is this, In Matthew where Jesus is in the garden praying to Father about what is going to commence the very next day. He asks the disciples to keep watch and be a look out while He prays. But instead, their eyes get heavy and they continually fall asleep. Each time Jesus comes and wakes them and asks once more, to stay awake and be a look out. B/c when we are sleepy and relaxed and at a weakend state we are more suseptible to the temptations of the devil. Finally Jesus says to them.. "Rise! Let's go." Unless you sit and think about it, where is He telling them to go? But down to the Cross. Let's go to the cross and bring our sins so we can renew and start fresh again through Christ's loving atonement we can keep going back to the Cross and have do-overs in our life and keep getting the forgiveness to be able to Rise again, just like our Savior.
What a perfect plan. What an amazing promise. How amazing is it, that no matter how much we screw up, God loves us sooo much that he continually forgives us to keep going back and redeeming ourselves through Christ's blood.. Thank you Jesus for your agonizing sacrafice. So we may have this.. For we are not perfect and we can fall short alot.
I was brought up in not worshiping Christ's death, but to focus on his life, the resurrection. BUt in my heart of hearts, I had issues with this. Troubled by it.. Even as a teenager, I thought, if it wasn't for the cross and Jesus sacrifice, there would be NO resurrection. In the bible it says that through the cross we can be renewed and brought clean before our maker. If we have problems or troubles to bring it to the cross, lay it at our Lord and Saviors feet and let him carry your burdens and be set free. Because of the blood of the atonement of Jesus being put on that cross and suffering as he did, we are forgiven as often as we need, due to the fact that we are not perfect, we can fall short numerous amounts of time. It's through the cross that I'm grateful of this promise. Why forget about that? Why not focus on that Cross and keep fresh in our thoughts and in our hearts and souls this purpose.. It's my choice to be able to do this.. It's my life at almost 40 years old that I may do this. Why do I keep getting thrown in my face this is WRONG.. In my heart THIS IS RIGHT!!!!
I am proud of that cross, I am proud of the sacrafice that Jesus has done for me.. I am proud He chose to follow the Father's plan so that we may have the blessings that we have. The resurrection is the PROMISE that Father gave so that we may also have everlasting life. Thank you Father for your blessings, and thank you Jesus for your selflessness and obedience.
And because of all of this.. When I need a re-do, a make up, a lifting of my burdens, YOU BET I'M GOING TO THE CROSS AND I'm leaving my burdens with Him so that I may be lighter and allow Him to do my heavy work and let what ever HE needs to do to make it "all better for me". I have had WAY too many expiriences of goodness and mercy through HIS GRACE, that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt and could never deny to anyone. This isn't true.. And I will always be humbled because of it.. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Father! Praise and Glory is all HIS..
So in rememberance of a very happy Easter this year... Let your happiness be through HIS GRACE and ONLY HIS GRACE! B/c Easter is Grace!