Wednesday, January 25, 2012

news update ending of January

Well, Mike went for his chest Xray and veno-gram. He now goes tomorrow to Pensacola to get his chest Cath. so he may begin dialysis Saturday Morning. My poor guy is getting more and more depressed and the day come on. I feel so badly for him. All I can do is pray for him and let God fill his voids and love him through it all.
Today I went to my Dr and asked for something to help with my depression/anxiety. I've had my due. Sometimes, it's easier to allow some help then try to conqueor life all alone. Dr also thinks it will help me in the long run while taking the Lyrica with the Prozac, that it should work better together and help more. He also referred me to the pain clinic so I can try and work better with the Lortabs and Flexeral. He's worried about me taking too much. I think I do very well. I take one to two Tabs a day and my ten mg Flex. I take 1/2 tab at bedtime. When I have a really major flare up, I will take a tab and a whole flex to get through. But that is a rare occassion...If there is something out there that is better then those, then by all means, I will try them. But until they can find anything, I'm sticking to what I'm doing now.. What more can I do?
Had plans to head to church tonight. But when service starts at 6:30 and I just can't push myself to making on time. We missed out once again. But we've been doing pretty well on making Sundays.
I've done very well on my 21 day chocolate and junk fast. I've had no chocolate, no ice cream, no junk food. My only junk flaw all day has been coffee with flavored creamer. I drink a travel mug a day and at most a mug before that one. Usually it's only the travel mug. For my midnight snacking, if I'm awake at that time, is veggie crackers by wheat thins or wheat thins. I do have rice cakes in my snack drawer, but I've not touched them since I bought them.
This will help me lose some poundage. I got on the scale at the Dr's clinic today and was like OH BOY!!!! The Dr tried to make me feel better by telling me that he has so many patients that would give my weight and for my blood panels.. I had great blood panels. My cholesteral is a bit high but not too much to worry. He said to start taking Omega 3's and it should start coming back down. I said, yep and along with my 21 day fast of junk will help totally also.. LOL he was amazed that I was doing that and proud in the long run also.. how cool is that??
Oh well, that's about all that is new right now.. Update more laters....