Monday, January 30, 2012

beginning of a new week.

Now that we are just about in the month of February and the end of Jan. hmm what's new? Mike got his tunnel cathater for dialysis on Weds last week and then Saturday, he started his first day. He came home and slept most of the day. Sunday he was a bit laid back. We didn't make it to church and I didn't want to push it. But by this morning he seemed to look good and he said he felt good. We went to the surgeon's office today for a follow up. He told Mike that the veins in the left arm were not well enough to do the fistula. So now he has to go back Weds. and get a veno-gram on the right arm to see if it's better. Then have another follow up next monday..
Fun fun fun!! I know we've just started in the dr's appts and such, but man, I'm tired now, can you imagine when it all kicks into gear at once. I'm doomed.. He will be just the same. I just have more on my plate.. he just sits back and gets rides and shows up for what is needed. I have to scout for sitters and make sure Jenai has her kids squared away and such.. None are my kids and I worry so.. how come?? I just feel bad b/c they are my job (so to speak) and when you can't make your shift, you tend to find someone else to fill in for you. That is how I think about the kids.
But usually I'm blessed to know that I have such great family and friends here in Crestview and they are always there to jump and help when needed. Thnak GOD for that.. What more could we ask for...
Been reading daily in the Bible twice if I can morning and night and alot of times if I'm in the Dr's office waiting for Mike on something I will try and read some also. I'm not in Ecclesiates.. I'm so excited. I'm actually going to complete the book in no time at all and I'll be able to say, " I've read the WORD cover to cover." I've never done that before. I'm so excited about that. I then will be picking up a study guide and really going to study the Bible and get into it to learn it.. That I'm really wanting to do, but swore I wouldn't until I've conquered the entire book reading it first..
Kyla has picked up the word Ya'll it's so funny. She had a bag of gummy worms that she was eating for a snack..She calls them dummy worms. LOL and still calls lollipops, wee pops. I love it.. love it love it..