Friday, December 18, 2009

what week/Glad it's over

I tell you.. It has been a week from hell. My poor honey has that fluid back behind his eyes again.. you know the macula edema. Well, granted it's leaking.. He has scheduled for the laser surgery AGAIN come Jan 7 and another the 14th. Well to top it off Mike lost a very close friend and what is still considered a family member. Debbie, is Faith's sister, so it was his sister in law. When Faith and Mike divorced, her whole side of the family kept him as family anyway. (awesome family mind you, they are even great to me) After she past on Sunday at one o'clock. That night while laying in bed his left eye just started draining a reddish fluid and he got up and ran to bathroom.. The sack errupted and was draining out of his eye. The stress just was too much and escaped the only way it could, I guess. Anyway, so Monday morning I called Surgeon and got an appt for him that afternoon. Dr checked it out and said no damage done, it will be a little while but it will finish draining and you will see better again. Mind you he only seen a big yellow glaze as it was... Poor bugga..
Then come Last night (weds) we went to Debbie's wake and then after the funeral we went to the Half Moon restraunt where Debbie's husband Don works at and had a gathering in her honor. Well, just as we were taking off our coats, my phone chimed saying I had a voice mail message. It actually never rang. But anyway, I normally would of ignored it but had the impression, better check. So i called it to find out that my Aunt Carol left me a message to call back as soon as I could... So I went outside and rang her. Only to find out that My Aunt Marie had a heart attack and was in Newport ICU and in a drug induced coma to help heal her from her surgery that she almost didn't get b/c she had a major infection spreading through her body. Through testing they found she had a mass in her lower bowel. So they had to operate before that killed her. They gave her a 50/50 chance on it.
She came through the surgery with a colostomy bag and until the surgery starts to repair itself and they are sure she can physically handle any type of pain, they will leave her in the coma. If all goes well and she wakes up, they are hopeing eventually to have her sent up to Miriam Hospital in Providence and then from there to rehab.
So now, I'm like, Ok Lord.. It's Christmas, how much more bad news can we handle? A friend of mine that I grew up with in Newport reminded me that Father doesn't give us any more then what we can physically handle. SO Please Lord, I'm at my limit. I've had all I could possibly deal with. I am driving Mike to work nightly and picking him up and getting approx five to six hours of sleep each day. I'm trying to maintain stability on a man that has been stressing over this loss as well as his health. Trying to maintain feeding this house on very little until the 23rd of the month when more money comes in for food. We are down to bare bones, But we are surviving. Going to take some money out of xmas shopping and get a few staples until then. I'm dealing with cranky babies that don't know what's wrong with them, which makes their mommy very cranky.. So LORD like I asked, Am I done yet????
All I can say is, Thank you Lord that my Fibro hasn't had a flair up and I'm down and out. But chances are when things start to settle and I can go back and concentrate on myself, I'm sure it won't pass me by...
Ok enough venting.. LOL usually I don't do that on here. But I needed the vent.. Thanks so much for having the patience to let me and read through to the end.. I love my friends and family and I am so very thankful for them for loving me..
If I don't get back here before Christmas May you all have a wonderful Christmas!!! Hope Santa is good to you all.... HUGS

Friday, December 11, 2009

my Xmas deco in the kitchen...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

as Christmas slowly arrives

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are almost in the middle of December, getting prepared for Christmas. Amazing! This year has really gone by very quickly. I guess when you spend your life half in the bed and the other half doing everything you possibly can before you get knocked on your butt with the fibro. I guess it would go by very quickly. We have had a decent year. Mike and I have gone to different places this year and enjoyed the time we have had visiting with friends and family. Hopefully this upcoming year we are able to be able to do it again.
I just got decorations up last night. Didn't do a whole lot this year but it looks pretty good. We haven't put the tree up as of yet, though. We are going to see if we can find one that isn't so much. We like having a real one over a fake one any day. But have to see, what the prices are. We don't want a huge one, but don't want a tiny one either. I will take pics of what is done and show ya how I did.
I still need to post pics of Thanksgiving.. LoL it was a good day over at Michelle's. Jw came and spent the four days with us. Which made that very nice also.
We are going to be doing volunteer work next weekend at the Harley shop. It's customer appreciation days. So we volunteered to help out where needed. It gave us each a 30% discount on any merchandise for those days. That will help, ALOT! Mike wants a new Zipped sweat shirt.. His that he wears for work is all tattered. He's been wearing it for two years now and with carrying wood and such, it can wear clothes out..
Well, that's about it for now. I will do my best to try and keep up with this as much as I can.. Hugs and loves to all who read this.