Saturday, March 29, 2008

Isn't my handsome son growing so quickly.. I can't believe how quickly he is growing... It's amazing... Well, I promised that I would post it, so I had to. I figured if I scanned it and then uploaded it to the computer, it would work. Whala!!! After printing out a zillion pages of old stuff. The cancel print button wouldn't work at all. So it had to run it's course and also use up just about all of my ink. I finally was able to do what I wanted to do in the first place... Anyway, good thing I'm patient Or it would have been forever before I got this posted.
Hope you like it.. I just adore it!!! My son is so handsome.. He must take after his mom! LOL

Friday, March 28, 2008

Look how much my grandbabies have grown in such a short time.. This is their Easter picture.. As soon as I get Jw's pics downloaded into the computer, I'll post him also. He looks so grown up in his new pics too... It's amazing how time flies. He will be twelve the 19th of April. AMazing.. He will be entering the Priesthood and passing the sacrament. I can't believe it.... Where did all the time go?
The Primary President was telling me that she was working with the Bishop upon his entering the Priesthood. I chuckled and asked if she prepared the Young Men's President upon his entering? LOL I got told there we a few boys just like him, so he is already knowledgeable on how he is.... But he is so looking forward to it. Me I'm just looking forward to getting older... UGH! For you know that with him another year older, a month later I'll be another year older also....
That's ok. could be worse.. Always could be worse.... Anyway, Nothing really new going on around here. Amazingly enough, so much time has gone by and nothing really new has happened. I guess when you don't go anywhere and do anything, not much really happens... It's still pretty chilly. We have a few good days here and there. That's when I usually get stuck with babysitting or just too tired to do anything. LOL Just my luck.
We have another virus going around. So far after like a few days, Mike has been the only one that has the worst of it.. He has been congested, feverish, sleepy... You know he is really down, when he doesn't get up and eat and take care of things for himself... And that has been how it's been for three days.. I have to convince him to eat just to keep his blood sugar up. Today he went too long after taking his meds, and got up to use the bathroom and landed on his hiney... He was really shakey and what not. I got him some candy to bring it up quickly and then fed him and got him stablized. Then of course like a mom I reminded him that he can't go so long with out eating.... He rolls his eyes, shrugs and falls back to sleep.... LOL MEN!!!!
Oh well, until I get another chance to catch up again....